Drones Are Now Being Used To Assess Australian Insurance Claims

Drones are allowing insurers to assess claims without having to wait for access to be granted by authorities, in an effort to improve both the saftey and speed of claims.

Used to view damaged caused by the recent bushfires in the Great Ocean Road area, For the first time in Australia, Insurance Australia Group claims for CGU Insurance, WFI and Coles Insurance have been assessed using drone technology.

As well as speeding up the claims process, aerial imagery shot by the drones allowed both assessors and customers to review damage from a safe location, removing the risks associated with physical site visits such as asbestos, fallen power lines and land slips.

“The impact caused by the Victorian bushfires was incredibly stressful for the homeowners affected and using drone technology as part of our assessment process allowed us to make the experience safer, simpler and faster for our customers,” said Andy Cornish, Chief Operating Officer for IAG.

“We are proud to be the first insurer in Australia to use drones to assess damage following a major bushfire and have received extremely positive feedback from our customers who benefited from this technology. We are already working with our property repair partner to develop how we can use this technology to help more customers in the future.”

IAG worked with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) throughout the process to ensure the use of drones would not impair fire fighting efforts.

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