Iron Boy, Australia’s Own Superhero, Is Fighting Crime In Sydney Today

NSW Police has teamed up with Make A Wish Australia to turn a sick boy’s day into something out of a movie: today, Iron Boy will take to the skies in a police helicopter, rescue a damsel in distress on Sydney Harbour, and battle crooks at the Opera House.

Even Robert Downey Jr. has tweeted his support:

Iron Boy is nine-year-old Domenic, from Sydney’s south-west. Diagnosed some time ago with cystic fibrosis, his favourite superhero is Iron Man. The Make A Wish Foundation has joined forces with the NSW Police to build a once-in-a-lifetime experience — where Dom will travel from his home by police helicopter for a briefing from NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione at police headquarters in Parramatta.

After his briefing, Iron Boy will be tasked with taking down henchmen of Iron Man’s nemesis Ultron on Clark Island in Sydney Harbour, where the group has kidnapped Make A Wish reporter Hope Joy. After that, he’ll be fighting more crime on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

If you’re in the area around lunch time, head down to the steps of the Sydney Opera House at 1:30PM to cheer Domenic on in his fight. You can even print out a poster (below) to bring along and wave as part of the crowd. [Make A Wish]

Domenic, diagnosed with from the life-threatening illness, Cystic Fibrosis, has always dreamed of becoming a famous superhero. 

He was playing in a Sydney Park this morning when a Police helicopter appeared from nowhere to rush him to Police Headquarters, Parramatta, where he was called into action as “Iron Boy” by NSW Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione. 

Domenic has been tasked with a special rescue mission at a secret criminal lair on Sydney Harbour.

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