New App Lets You Clean Your Inbox By Swiping Left And Right

New App Lets You Clean Your Inbox By Swiping Left And Right

Everyone is on the lookout for better email management tools — anything to make dealing with the daily inbox deluge less of a chore. tries to help by making it easier than ever to unsubscribe from mailing lists and keep in touch with the ones you love. The web app is powerful, but its mobile app is an even better way to clear clutter from your inbox.

The iOS app brings a Tinder-style interface to your email inbox. Once you’ve logged in using your account credentials, you swipe left on a message to unsubscribe from ones like it, swipe up to add these messages to a daily digest, or swipe right to keep them as they are. If you can swipe, you can blast through your inbox like never before. And there are no awkward dates to go on afterwards either.

New App Lets You Clean Your Inbox By Swiping Left And Right uses its magic touch to unsubscribe from unwanted lists without any further action from you, while the daily email digest (called the Rollup) keeps you in touch with the ones you want to keep without overloading your inbox. Tap on the pencil icon (top right) to undo any of your swipes and see what’s been kept, what’s been trashed and what’s been ‘rolled up’.

You can toggle the Tinder-style card view and a more conventional list view from inside the app. The Preferences page lets you change when the Rollup digest arrives in your inbox (it’s also viewable from inside the app itself). For a Mailbox-esque way of quickly powering through your inbox on the iPhone, it’s worth trying out.

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