Pay It Forward Today And Buy A Charity Worker A Coffee

Today is Pay It Forward Day, apparently. It’s not a day I’ve heard of before, but that doesn’t mean the reason behind it is any less legitimate or worthy of support. Amaysim and the guys behind the Hey You app have joined forces, and they want you to shout a coffee to a charity worker.

On the home screen of the Hey You app today, there’s a Pay It Forward virtual coffee shop, and it only sells one thing — a $3.50 coffee, with every single cent of that going towards coffee trucks, which will be dispatched to charities around Sydney and Melbourne later today to deliver a bit of goodwill in return for those charity workers’ ongoing efforts.

If you’ve got a bit of cash to spare, you can put it to good use today; the donation might not go straight to the charity’s coffers, but it goes towards rewarding the people behind the charities themselves — and that’s a commendable goal.