Uniden’s New Dash Cam Is Designed To Help Stop Accidents

The iGO Cam 755 won’t just record your accidents in Full HD+ — making it the only dash cam on the market to record at that quality — it aims to stop them happening in the first place.

As expected, it comes with a speed camera warning to alert you of upcoming fixed speed cameras and red light cameras. But the coolest part is Lane Assist.

Lane Assist gives you both visual and audible alerts when your car is drifting over a lane while you are driving, although Uniden do concede this feature is limited in poor visibility or where there are inconsistent or faded road markings.

The aim of Lane Assist is not just to alert you to the fact you are about to run off the road or into another car, but to prompt you to take a break. It can be tempting to keep going on a road trip, but with studies showing fatigued drivers have similar response times to drunk drivers, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Of course at it’s core the iGO Cam 755 is a dash cam, and it does what you’d expect from a dash cam — records accidents.

With the help of advanced accident recording “black box” technologies, a built-in G-sensor and Collision Detection Mode, the camera identifies any changes in motion to instantly trigger recording. In an accident, this lets you see how the collision happened and even analyse the direction of impact. Geotagging saves details of the location where an incident occurred.

The 2304 x 1296 Full HD+ resolution, plus a 170 degree angle lens, means the video quality is right up there. This makes it easier to report traffic events and accidents to police and insurance companies. There’s also a car plate stamp that makes it easy to identify the user’s number plate while viewing footage.

In addition to the safety benefits, the enhanced video footage lets you capture scenic drives and off-road adventures, while the time lapse recording feature lets you capture long journeys in a one to two minute video. You can watch it back on your TV via HDMI or AV out cable. To view footage on the go, there’s a 2.7-inch LCD colour display on the dash cam itself.

Other features include a micro SD slot, and Night Vision for clear footage, even in low lit environments.

The setup is a basic plug and play. A quick release clip means it can be easily dismantled and moved between cars if needed.

The iGO Cam 755 is available from today for $229.95. Here’s some footage of it in action:

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