This Portable Laptop Stand Is The Brainchild Of Two Sydney Men

Ergonomics. It doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? A couple of Sydney guys are on a mission to change that — with their smart, portable and height adjustable laptop stand.

Yes, okay, it’s just a laptop stand. But here is why it’s cool.

According to the guys at The Big Tiny Co, The Tiny Tower (that’s the laptop stand, not the ridiculously addictive mobile game that I’d forgotten about and will now re-download nooooo) improves your posture and increases productivity.

“In today’s tech-saturated environment, we spend a heck of a lot of time in front of our laptops, often hunched over them, which can lead to tension and pain in our neck, shoulders and back,” the duo say. “In 2014 Matt suffered a serious disc herniation in his neck after using his laptop for work, and the idea for The Tiny Tower was born.”

So, um, there’s already a bunch of these in the market. Why is this one any different? Three main things, according to The Big Tiny Co.

First of all, since we aren’t all the same size, it’s height adjustable. Secondly, it’s portable. You can actually fold it up and carry it with your laptop. Last of all — it looks good. The guys have made it out of high quality aluminium, which is bead-blasted and anodised. It’s certainly a good looking gadget.

The Tiny Tower is currently on Kickstarter and has managed to reach 40 per cent of its funding in the first week.

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