MSI’s Computex Is All About Gaming Laptops, PCs And VR

MSI loves a good gaming laptop — it’s the brains behind the phenomenally powerful GT80 Titan, among others. That trend continues at Computex 2016, but MSI has also thrown its considerable weight behind small-form-factor gaming PCs too, all of which are VR ready.

The star of MSI’s Computex booth is the massive and space-age-designed Aegis, a barebones pre-built PC which can be specced up with the latest Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia’s 900 and 1000 Series graphics cards and dual NVMe M.2 solid-state drives with maximum transfer rates of up to 3300MBps (riduculous, right?). You can already buy the Aegis, but there’s a more powerful Aegis X on the way too which includes overclockable processors and graphics and that brings back the old-school ‘Turbo’ button with a phsyical button — Nvidia calls it Dragon OC — that overclocks the system by up to 15 per cent.

Four new laptops also make an entrance, all three built for gaming but with different price, performance and cooling compromises in mind. The GT83 Titan SLI uses not one but two GTX 980 graphics cards teamed together, and has the same actual integrated mechanical keyboard as the GT80. Then there’s the very chunky, but still slightly smaller GT73 Titan SLI downgrades that slightly to a pair of GTX 980Ms. Then there’s the two Stealth models, with the slim GS73 and GS63 both packing GTX 970M graphics — all the laptops above use Intel Core i7 CPUs and have a ton of RAM and storage available. [MSI / Microsoft]


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