The Conjuring 2’s Demonic Nun Is Getting A Spin-Off Movie

The Conjuring 2’s Demonic Nun Is Getting A Spin-Off Movie

The Conjuring was a huge hit, and it spawned spin-off Annabelle, which was also a huge hit. The Conjuring 2 has kept up the box-office streak, so naturally it’s getting a spin-off flick, too. But instead of being about a haunted object that was peripheral to the main plot, it will be about the film’s big antagonist: The Nun.

The Conjuring 2 (Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the co-writer of Conjuring 2, David Leslie Johnson, has signed on to write the screenplay, with Conjuring series director and producer, James Wan and Peter Safran, serving as producers.

Weirdly, considering how important the wimple-wearing demon ends up being to the finished film, The Conjuring 2 wasn’t even supposed to have an evil nun among its antagonists. Originally, the character was “a demonic figure with horns”, but the nun was swapped in after Wan had “a revelation” and was allowed by the very trusting studio, New Line, to do some last-minute reshoots.

Obviously it paid off, and will probably pay off even more handsomely now that The Nun is underway. What’s more, The Conjuring franchise is poised to print even more money for all involved when the planned Annabelle 2 opens in 2017. And if they want to make yet another spin-off, that “Crooked Man” music box toy that makes so much sinister mischief in Conjuring 2 surely has some life left in it yet.

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