The LED Lenser P7R Is A 1000-Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight

Buying disposable batteries — using them until they’re empty, and then throwing them away — may be economically smart, but it’s not exactly environmentally friendly. And it’s inconvenient. That’s why we like rechargeable anything these days, and rechargeable flashlights more than ever. Enter the LED Lenser P7R, a rechargeable torch that has a bright 1000-lumen LED and adjustable focus up front.

All other specs aside, the LED Lenser P7R‘s big selling point is the fact that it ships with an internal rechargeable battery, rather than the AAA cell of its predecessor. Unlike competitor rechargeable torches like the FourSevens X3R, though, the P7R uses a charging dock rather than a microUSB port.

That dock, too, can be mounted to a desk or wall and the P7R can be stored in there, long term — its internal battery can be recharged from flat in five hours and will last up to 40 hours in its most efficient low power mode. Run it at full juice, though, and it’ll be flat in just two.

Boasting a bright 1000 lumens at maximum output, but scaling down to a moonlight-esque 20 lumens at minimum, the P7R is a versatile torch that can be adjusted to suit different lighting with three separate brightness modes. The P7R can also be adjusted between flood and spotlight modes.

The new P7R has a $231 RRP, and is already available from LED Lenser’s website. [LED Lenser]


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