There’s A Chauffeur Service In Sydney With Nothing But Teslas

Fancy getting picked up from the airport by a luxury chauffeur? Now, what about a zero-emissions luxury chauffeur?

One year ago Sydney based company Evoke became the first in Australia to offer a fleet of pure electric vehicles, and in the process of clocking 200,000km the fleet has quickly grown from one to four luxurious Tesla Model S limousines.

“We have been absolutely blown away by the response from the community – it is obvious that many people appreciate our luxury, zero-emissions service,” said Evoke‘s founder, Pia Peterson.

Each week the Evoke fleet is avoiding the combustion of 1000L of petrol and 2.5 tons of CO2 emissions. When comparing this to an equivalent set of internal combustion engine luxury vehicles over 65 tons of CO2 emissions have been avoided.

“We are thrilled that we’ve avoided the importation of 26,000L of petrol and have been able to support the beleaguered Australian renewable energy industry” said Peterson. “Any day we can avoid pumping the pollutants from burning hydrocarbons directly into the faces of our potential customers is a great day”.

However, these reductions in CO2 emissions are only a drop in the ocean, as Australia’s yearly emissions from the transport sector amounted to 97 million tons in 2015; that figure is steadily growing. Peterson’s goal is to one day reduce Australia’s transport emissions to zero.

“With our government in complete denial about climate change it is up to private industry, with assistance from the general public, to take action to reduce our emissions”.

Peterson expects to continue to grow her fleet when the Model X arrives on Australian shores, and is looking to expand into other capital cities when the timing is right. “A zero-emissions future is coming and we are glad to be leading the charge — pun intended”.

You can have Evoke pick you up from the airport, book the fleet for your wedding or even have them do vehicle demonstrations.