Wolverine 3 May Have Finally Gotten Its Title And A Highly Anticipated New Hero

Wolverine 3 May Have Finally Gotten Its Title And A Highly Anticipated New Hero

Plus new set pictures from the film to boot. Mark Ruffalo teases conflict for the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok. Plus, Hayden Christensen would be open to a return to Star Wars, a new behind the scenes look at Doctor Strange and Kevin Smith wants in on The Defenders. Spoilers get!

Wolverine 3 May Have Finally Gotten Its Title And A Highly Anticipated New Hero

Wolverine 3

A new casting call released for the film has lead to renewed speculation that the movie will introduce Laura Kinney, AKA X-23, the female clone of Logan (that, in the current comics, is actually now Wolverine):

20th Century Fox are seeking a a 11 – 14 year old girl to play the role of Zoe in a brand new movie!! [ZOE] 11 to 14 year-old girl. Still a child, but a wounded badass, a pound puppy, raised in captivity in a time of battle, without support systems of normal childhood.

She has no family and until now, has never left the compound in which she was born. She has an authentic intensity — her expressions and body language speak volumes, without words. Once released in the outside world, everything is new — every experience and every image a first. This does not mean everything is wonderful or wondrous. Some things she sees (things we might regard as conventional) may scare her or anger her and things we may find interesting may bore her. She has not been instructed in many social conventions — she can eat like an animal. She studies and often mimics people’s behaviour. She has a high IQ, but is also a temperamental, impulsive and feral creature that can raise genuine mayhem. She is a girl that has never been kissed.


According to a fan Twitter account — so pinch of salt at the ready — Fox has registered domains for the film as both “Wolverine: Weapon X” and simply “Weapon X”, potentially indicating the films title:

New pictures from the set have made their way online, featuring Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

Thor: Ragnarok

Mark Ruffalo teases conflict for the Hulk in the film amongst his disparate selves:

The only person the Hulk is scared of in the entire world is Banner…What’s exciting about Bruce at this point is the arc he’s ultimately making and his relationship to the Hulk. And how that is going to resolve itself. No one’s really gone to that place. They’re coming for a collision course with each other. I think could be pretty exciting if we could find a way to do it, multi-dimensionally.


Ice Age: Collision Course

Neil DeGrasse Tyson boards the film as a weasel creatively named “Neil deBuck Weasel”. [EW]

Wolverine 3 May Have Finally Gotten Its Title And A Highly Anticipated New Hero

Cars 3

John Lasseter teases where the next film is going:

We’ve got some great new characters, some great racing in it. It’s a very emotional story. It’s a little bit more akin to Cars 1, where you get into a deep emotion with him. It’s really a special story. It’s very emotional and his relationship with Doc Hudson, and his memory of Doc Hudson.


Star Wars

Hayden Christensen threatens the world with a desire to return to the franchise:

Absolutely. In a heartbeat, for sure. Being a part of that world was a huge deal for me, and was a good four/five years of my life. I have fond memories and good friendships from that whole time. But if they ever gave me the call, I would sign up in a heartbeat.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay has released an official picture of Barricade’s vehicle form from the film.

Wolverine 3 May Have Finally Gotten Its Title And A Highly Anticipated New Hero

Doctor Strange

Scott Derrickson has shared a new picture from filming on Twitter.



A new poster for Rob Zombie’s killer clown movie has been released. [Coming Soon]

Wolverine 3 May Have Finally Gotten Its Title And A Highly Anticipated New Hero

The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus teases a status quo change in the next season of the show:

It’s a brand new world right now, man. We have big bad guy and that opens up our world quite a bit and changes everything. I mean, you see a shift of power completely on our show. And you see a lot of people who’ve gone through a whole lot, having to bite their tongue for a minute and deal with this new world and this new villain. If you know the comic books, it opens up even larger than that.


The Exorcist

Alan Ruck, who plays Henry Rance in the show’s pilot, has been promoted to series regular. [Deadline]

Once Upon a Time

Season six will break the show’s recent pattern of doing two half-season story arcs every season, and instead focus on telling one larger story, according to co-creator Eddy Kitsis:

It’s not going to be “Hyde comes to town, we fight with him for 10 episodes, and then in the winter finale he dies and we move on.” We are… going back to that Season 1 mentality of small-town stories and smaller arcs.


The Defenders

Finally, Kevin Smith says he’s up for directing the miniseries for Netflix.

You know, they’re gearing up now for ‘The Defenders. If I can get a piece of that ‘Defenders’ miniseries — holy shit, could you imagine, dude? Because then you’re working with multiple suits at once, that would be phenomenal. Just doing a mini-Avengers — even one episode of that run of ‘Defenders’ is like, ‘Oh, I get to exercise any interest I had in Avengers but doing it on a scale where nobody’s betting $US200 ($271) million on the guy that made fuckin’ Yoga Hosers.


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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