Sam Raimi’s Ideas For An Army Of Darkness Sequel Make Us Wish It Had Happened

Sam Raimi’s Ideas For An Army Of Darkness Sequel Make Us Wish It Had Happened

We love Ash vs Evil Dead. And we get why the show is the most excellent way to continue Ash’s adventures as he blasts his way through his 50s. But that doesn’t mean we don’t wish that, back in the day, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and company had made Evil Dead 4 — especially now that we’ve heard a few of Raimi’s ideas.

First reported by Screen Rant, Raimi discusses the Army of Darkness sequel that never came to be — despite numerous attempts over just as many years — on the commentary track on the new Ash vs Evil Dead season one DVD.

Here’s one discarded idea:

“Bruce is a documentary filmmaker, I remember one of them was, capturing his own journey through life. I remember we started to write one version of Evil Dead 4…” Brother Ivan [Raimi] chimes in: “Bruce travels cross country to sell his documentary in a car to explain the importance of his story being told.” Sam continues: “No one thought it was a very important story except him. He was some egomaniac.”

(Interestingly, Campbell did end up making a movie sort of in this same meta-horror vein: My Name is Bruce.)

Another idea was nixed over budget concerns, but it would have seen Ash fighting a Terminator-style army of machines.

And, finally, Raimi entertained the idea of playing off both Army of Darkness endings: The US version, which sees Ash return to Michigan, and the foreign version, which sent Ash into the post-apocalyptic future:

We wrote an Evil Dead 4 that followed both realities. We were going to be following two Bruces — one in the future and simultaneously crosscutting to Bruce here in the present. And we realised, we have really lost our mind now and we must stop.

Ash vs Evil Dead — which continues the story of Ash in its own weird and wonderful way, and will include some Army of Darkness references this season — returns September 23.

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