New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones

New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones

Don’t get your hopes up about those Mad Max prequel rumours just yet. An unsurprising character will return to Marvel’s Netflix universe. The Lost in Space reboot casts its Judy Robinson. Plus, Jed Whedon teases a Doctor Strange connection to the next season of Agents of SHIELD, and a new Scream Queens clip. Spoilers now!

New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones

Mad Max Prequel

Australian newspaper the Herald Sun recently reported that a new Mad Max film — specifically, a prequel to Fury Road focusing on the origin story of Charlize Theron’s breakout character Imperator Furiosa — had entered pre-production, and was looking to film in Bunker Hill. The paper claims that this is in fact Mad Max: The Wasteland, the name Miller has given for the next entry in the franchise — one he’s said will not star Furiosa — despite allegedly being a Fury Road prequel.

However, we reached out to Warner Bros for a comment on the report’s claims and got a flat denial, so it’s probably best to treat this as nothing more than a rumour for now.

The Little Mermaid

Chloe Grace Moretz has dropped out of the live-action remake (not the Disney remake, but one in the works from Universal) and all other roles she’s currently enlisted to play. In her own words:

I pulled the plug on all my movies because I want to reassess who I am and find myself within my roles again. I’m realising that I can slow down.


Death Note

Adam Wingard promises the remake will be extremely “not for kids”, with swearing, violence and nudity:

We can do whatever we want. And that was the cool thing about it, because it’s an anime film, so, technically, it’s a cartoon that you’re bring to life. To me, the thing about anime is that it’s so adult-oriented. I remember going to Suncoast growing up and you see Akira there with the little “Not for Kids” sticker on it. That always made an impact on me. So, doing my first live-action anime thing, to me it was important that you have those adult themes. So, it’s got nudity, it’s got swearing, it’s got a ton of violence. Jason Eisener, who did Hobo with a Shotgun. I brought him on – — I’m good friends with him — – as second-unit director. There’s basically like three good Jason Eisner short films in there and they’re all very gory. I was able to just turn him loose sometimes, and just do some crazy stuff. With the combined efforts, I think we ended up with a really nasty and crazy film.


Doctor Strange

There’s a tiny little bit of new footage in this international trailer for the film:

Game of Thrones

Watchers on the Wall reports that a major new story arc for the show will see Euron Greyjoy become a powerful new ally for Cersei Lannister in the next season. Recent filming scenes involved a major sea battle involving the Greyjoy siblings and their uncle, with Euron ultimately capturing one of the two for Cersei.

On top of all that, Euron is apparently going to be responsible for taking out “at least” one of the Sand Snakes in the next season. Busy times for the Greyjoys!

Meanwhile, here’s two new interviews from the Emmys red carpet with Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke, briefly discussing the new season.


In news surprising to no one, Vincent D’Onofrio will indeed return as the Kingpin at some nebulous point in the future.

That I can’t answer. I do know, but I can’t answer… so take that how you will. Jeff and Charlie (Cox) and Netflix love Kingpin, and so, Kingpin is good for Marvel’s television stuff and I think they agree.

[Latino Review]

Lost in Space

Taylor Russell has been cast as Judy Robinson, the daughter of the Robinson family. [TV Line]

Star Wars: Rebels

A new synopsis for the premiere, “Steps Into Shadow”, has been released:

Having established a secret base on Atollon, the Ghost crew, now led by a more powerful Ezra, strengthens the rebel fleet by acquiring new resources and recruits eager to stand against the Empire. However, the Imperial efforts to eliminate the rebellion are now being led by the coldly analytical Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose strategic, tactical and cultural insights make him a threat unlike any they have faced before. In season three, Ezra and Sabine take on new roles and challenges as the rebels prepare for their biggest mission yet — a direct assault on the Empire.


Agents of SHIELD

Season four will enjoy a “loose crossover” with Doctor Strange, according to Jed Whedon:

Doctor Strange will introduce some new ideas, but we’re starting to lay the first brick in the yellow brick road to that. We want to slowly play with the morality of building these things, whether or not we even should and the scientific questions that come along with it. [That’s] the first step that we explore before we inevitably get into other things.


Here are a few new portraits of the cast for the next season. More at the link. [Coming Soon]

New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones
New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones
New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones

Luke Cage

Two new posters of Misty Knight and Claire Temple have been released. [Coming Soon]

New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones
New Details On A Surprising Alliance In Game Of Thrones


Oliver’s new team assembles in a new trailer.

Scream Queens

Finally, the Chanels discuss the myriad meanings of “ghosting” in a new clip.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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