Game Of Thrones Teases A Fateful Decision For Cersei Lannister

Game Of Thrones Teases A Fateful Decision For Cersei Lannister

And there’s new details on another humongous new scene in season seven. A Wrinkle In Time expands its cast. Fox buys the rights to another young adult novel franchise. Plus, the first pictures from filming The Defenders, new footage from Doctor Strange and Assassin’s Creed, and things get weird on Class. To me, my spoilers!

Game Of Thrones Teases A Fateful Decision For Cersei Lannister

A Wrinkle in Time

Zach Galifianakis is in talks to join the cast as Happy Medium, a being capable of viewing “different times and places” encountered by Meg on her journey. [THR]

Wish Upon

Ryan Phillippe and Elisabeth Rohm have joined the upcoming “be-careful-what-you-wish-for” movie from writer Barbara Marshall and director John Leonetti:

The film follows 16-year-old misfit Clare (King) who finds a magic box that promises a chance at the life she’s always wanted. However, each wish comes with a deadly payment.



Fox has purchased the film rights to Jessica Townsend’s YA novel series about a young girl rescued from death and forced to compete for a place in the upper echelons of a secret city. [Deadline]

Ghostbusters 2

Paul Feig is up for a sequel:

That’s up to the studio because they have to pay for it. Nobody’s called me. But I love those characters and I know they are now heroes and mean a lot to a lot of people, so in a perfect world it would be great if we could see them bust more ghosts, kick more arse, and be awesome again.

[The Daily Beast]

Doctor Strange

Mordo and Strange are chased through the mirror dimension by Kaecilius in a new extended clip from the film.


Dwayne Johnson operates a flamethrower in this latest set video, because that’s a totally normal thing you get to say for this film, apparently.

Assassin’s Creed

Here’s a new TV spot for the video game adaptation.

Game of Thrones

Watchers on the Wall has a new report teasing a new development planned for season seven that purportedly sees the Iron Bank of Braavos, fronted by Mark Gatiss’ character Tycho Nestoris, head to King’s Landing and demand their due from the Lannisters for the years of loans they have received. According to the site, Cersei will make a decision about the bank that will have major ramifications for the events of the series going forward – given that the Iron Bank is fond of supporting rivals to those that refuse to pay their debts, it seems like that decision involves Cersei turning Nestoris away.

Meanwhile, the same report offers an update on filming scenes related to the Dragonpit – the former dragon nursery used by the Targaryens on the outskirts of King’s Landing, and a location Daenerys and her army will travel to next season – that includes a frankly stunning number of the cast. Aside from Daenerys and her entourage, Jon Snow and his allies and Cersei and her own forces, the scenes shot there will also apparently include Sandor Clegane, as Rory McCann was spotted hanging out with the rest of the cast in Seville. Seventeen members of the cast are alleged to be involved in the scenes, marking the biggest gathering of the show’s extended cast since… well pretty much since the show began. Head to the link to see more.


The first season has been given an extended run, and will now run for 16 episodes. [THR]


Harley Quinn Smith, daughter of Kevin Smith and star of Yoga Hosers, will appear in “Supergirl Lives”, the episode directed by her father.

National City here I come!

A photo posted by Harley Quinn Smith (@harleyquinnsmith_) on


Julia Harkavy has been cast as Tina Boland, a detective formerly hailing from Central City’s police department. Boland is described as “brash yet tactful, tough, speaks her mind, and is not the easiest person to impress”, and as someone who takes issue with vigilantes like the Green Arrow and his team. [Variety]

Marc Guggenheim teases a piece of concept art for a billboard advertising Hub City, home of DC comics character the Question, on Twitter:


Andrew Caldwell has been cast in the recurring role of Harley Jones, “a good ol’ boy, anti-government extremist who loves his guns”. Jones meets Liv and Clive at a shooting range, channelling his hatred of zombies into his obsession with firearms.


The Defenders

Carrie-Anne Moss, Eka Darville and Elden Henson have all been confirmed to reprise their roles from Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

The first set photos from filming have appeared, giving us a look at an encounter between featuring Jessica Jones and Misty Knight. Simone Missick looks very excited!

Once Upon a Time

Alan Dale will reprise his role as King George in an upcoming episode. [EW]

Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash and friends face a gruelling encounter in the synopsis for “Ashy Slashy”:

Ruby, Kelly and Pablo go to look for Ash and Baal in an abandoned asylum and encounter some crazy characters. They are all players in Baal’s attempt to break Ash and find the Necronomicon. But did his plan work?

[Spoiler TV]


Finally, the BBC has revealed two very strange and rather detailed synopses for episodes five and six of the series, “Brave-ish Heart” and “Detained”:

Battling through the Shadow Kin realm, April knows that there is no going back: she has to defeat Corakinus. On Earth, the invasion of the petals is rapidly snowballing. Confronted with the threat of the planet’s extinction, new headmistress Dorothea attempts to force Charlie into making a transformational decision. But Miss Quill has other ideas for him. As Charlie, Matteusz and Tanya try to stop the petals from annihilating the human race, April must fight the terrifying force of Corakinus, light years away from home.

The whole gang is thrown into detention by Miss Quill. Locked in her classroom, they are terrified when an explosion propels them out of space and time: trapped, claustrophobic and floating in blackness with no way of escape. Although a mysterious asteroid fragment may be their key to freedom, it forces the gang to confess their deepest, darkest secrets to one another. As ugly truths come out, fractures start to appear in the friendship group. And then they make a chilling discovery. They’re not alone. There’s somebody in there with them.


Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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