Samsung Will Automatically Limit Note7 Battery Charge In Australia

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 fiasco continues. After recalling faulty devices, pushing battery-limiting software updates, issuing replacements, then recalling all Galaxy Note7s and halting production entirely, the company is doubling down on limiting the explosive potential of any Note7 still in the hands of a customer.

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Samsung Australia originally pushed out a software update in mid-September that capped the maximum charge level of original Galaxy Note7 devices to 60 per cent. Those devices were ones sold in the country before September 5, when the phone manufacturer originally announced its formal recall of the Galaxy Note7 after an international halt on sales.

Now, Samsung will push out the same battery-limiting update to all Note7s in Australia. The battery level of those phones will be limited to 60 per cent, a level that is safe but that is not designed to make a Galaxy Note7 usable over the long term. Customers who are still holding on to their Note7s are being urged to return them for a full refund or a replacement Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Galaxy Note7 is banned on all Australian and international airlines, and Samsung has set up kiosks at major Australian airports to swap devices before customers travel. Internationally, the company is offering a trade-in program that lets customers upgrade to a future Galaxy device like the rumoured S8 or Note8 for half price.

A spokesperson for the company said that the update would extend the battery limit coverage to all Note7s, rather than just the original batch. “A software update to reduce the maximum battery charge was first released on September 21 to original Galaxy Note7 devices, purchased in Australia before September 5. This further update will install software to replacement devices supplied to customers after that date.”

“It is a measure to put consumer safety first, but we apologise for causing inconvenience,” Samsung said in an earlier statement. “We continue to work with our retail and operator partners to assist customers to replace their Galaxy Note7 devices or seek a full refund.” [Samsung]

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