So How Close Do You Live To A Nuclear Bomb?

So How Close Do You Live To A Nuclear Bomb?

Hooray. If you live south of the Equator or in any of the countries that light up green in the map above, you’re good. Keep on living there because you don’t squat next to any nuclear weapons. But if you’re in the countries painted red — like the United States, Germany, Russia, China, India and so on — you might live closer to a nuclear bomb than you think.

It’s a little scary how many nukes are stored near major cities. For example, the US stores its nukes in 10 states (in addition to a few bystander countries in Europe). Some of them are within spitting distance of cities like Seattle (29km away from a facility), Kansas City (89km), Denver (124km) and Albuquerque (with just happens to have the biggest facility within its city limits). As for Europe, nukes are scattered everywhere on the continent and cities like London, Venice, Milan, Brussels and Rotterdam are all within 80km of a nuclear bomb. Let’s not even get into where Russia puts their nukes.

But what’s even more terrifying is that there are lost nuclear bombs where no one is quite sure exactly where they are. The US and Russia have lost more than 50 bombs, and while some are hopefully at the bottom of the ocean, others have landed undetonated near major cities and have still yet to be found. Yikes.

Watch RealLifeLore plot out the location of nuclear bomb facilities in relation to the world in the video below.

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