Belkin Makes Sexy Cables And You Should Buy Some Of Belkin’s Sexy Cables

I have a thing for cables.

And this is a nice cable. Just look at it.

Look at the subtle off-white colouring. The tasteful Kevlar braiding.

The TPE Strain Relief Design that strengthens stress points to prevent splitting.

Belkin’s MIXIT DuraTek USB-C cables are $39.95. They also come in Lightning and Micro-USB. They come in black, and gold, and rose gold, and white.

Good cables are good. Good cables you can wrap around your fingers to coil them up. Hundreds of times, day after day, without failure. You can trust them to connect your gadgets properly. You can believe in their USB-IF certification. You can rely on them.

Bad cables are bad. They come apart at the ends, exposing the connectors inside and becoming an electrocution risk. They don’t conform to standards and they can blow your thousand dollar gadgets up. Bad cables are not good cables. You can’t trust them.

Belkin has been making cables for over 30 years. And these Duratek cables are the best cables that Belkin has ever made. Is it wrong to celebrate such beauty?

Four feet long.

Five year warranty.

A cable jacket made of double-braided nylon. Reinforced conductors inside, spun with Kevlar. A strain relief polymer before each connector that allows bending without breakage.

It’s an artwork. It’s the Mona Lisa. It’s the Mona Lisa of cables.

Look at this cable. Just look at it.


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