Generator Brings Your Craziest Game Of Thrones Fan Theories To Life

Generator Brings Your Craziest Game Of Thrones Fan Theories To Life

Ever wonder what would happen if Daenerys orchestrated the Red Wedding, or if Arya Stark was the one who made the Mad King mad? Or, I don’t know, if the secret ruler of the White Walkers was freaking Podrick Payne? One online generator lets you experiment with the coolest and wackiest Game of Thrones fan theories.

A small group of developers has released a Game of Thrones fan theory generator, called “Theories Are Coming,” which pairs different GoT characters with shocking reveals that are better suited for The Jerry Springer Show. Some of them are actually kind of justified, like Sansa Stark secretly being the Lord of Light. Others are merely wish fulfillment, like Lyanna Mormont eventually ruling the Iron Throne (one can only hope). Then, you’ve got literally every option for Podrick Payne, which read like the best fan fiction ever. Curious how Podrick could ever be the ruler of the White Walkers? I’ll give you a hint: SEX POWERS.

Only supernatural powers explain how Pod was able to give three experienced prostitutes a great sexual experience in his very first attempt. What’s more, the prostitutes were not able to explain what exactly he did. The only fathomable explanation is that Pod’s prowess is magical. He’s able to tap into the icy souls of the White Walkers to be a cool customer in bed. Unfortunately, these copious details were circumcised from the show just as Pod was starting to explain them to Tyrion and Bronn.

I will admit, I would have liked to see a section about Hodor too. I know he’s *spoilers* dead on the show, but literally every option could’ve read “Hodor Hodor Hodor,” and something that pure and beautiful is worth bending canon for. Let us now your favourite fan theory pairings from the site, and others you’d like to see.

[Theores Are Coming]

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