Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

One of the Hellboy reboot writers promises a darker take on the character. Get a look behind the scenes at Alien: Covenant. Phoebe Waller-Bridge talks about those Doctor Who rumours. Plus, hints for The Defenders‘ big villain, the first look at the return of Cat Grant to Supergirl, and a bizarre King Arthur clip. To me, my spoilers!

Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

Deadpool 2/X-Force

Sources speaking to claim that Fox is currently looking to cast three members of the X-Force team for the movie: Sunspot, Feral and Shatterstar. The site alleges that these characters won’t actually be playing a role in the main film, but will instead make their debut in a post-credits tag for Deadpool 2, in order to help set up their roles in the X-Force movie.


In an interview with Silver Screen Beat, screenwriter Andrew Cosby stated the film would be “darker” and “more gruesome” than del Toro’s offerings.

I can’t really talk about specifics with regard to the story, which they’re keeping a pretty tight lid on at the moment, but I can say that this is a darker, more gruesome version of Hellboy. Neil [Marshall] said from the very beginning that he wanted to walk a razor’s edge between horror and comic book movie, which was music to my ears, because that’s what I was shooting for in the script, and precisely what Mignola does so well with the comics.

Alien: Awakening

Ridley Scott explained to IGN the cancellation of Neill Blomkamp’s proposed entry, Alien: Awakening.

They wanted to do Alien, er, Awakening — Neill Blomkamp. I said fine. I was going to be the producer. If I could have, I would have. Except I do question — why have both [Blomkamp’s Alien and Scott’s Alien] out there? It seems like shooting your big toe off — it doesn’t make sense. But they didn’t go forward with it, Fox, so I just kind of kept out of it. I mean, I’d literally ignited this thing to bring it off the ground again, because it was lying there dormant on a shelf. I had this thing to bring it back up — but here we are.

Alien: Covenant

HBO has a new behind-the-scenes video, which includes really swell footage of a dissected xenomorph egg.

Thor: Ragnarok

Here’s a new international trailer with absolutely zero new footage, but hey, Japanese in glowing neon looks really cool.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Former soccer star David Beckham cameos in a new clip.

Transformers: The Last Knight

The latest poster features a medieval Autobot strutting casually into a massive battle. I hasten to remind you that in the past, the Transformers have prided themselves as being “Robots in Disguise”. [Screen Rant]

Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

Two tracks from the film’s score have also been posted to YouTube.

The Walking Dead

Actor Daniel Newman posted — then promptly deleted — a photo of himself, Andrew Lincoln and Jeremy Palko hanging out at The Sanctuary. In the photo, Newman is attired in full battle gear.

Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

Doctor Who

Speaking with TV Guide, Phoebe Waller-Bridge addressed recent rumours she’s in the running to play the Thirteenth Doctor.

So cool. So cool to have my name in that mix. And so cool they’re talking about having a woman be the next Doctor. There were so many rumours flying around. I think it’s a great time for it, and there are so many great actresses out there that would kill it as a Doctor.

Even if she’s not The Doctor, Waller-Bridge said she would still like to guest-star as a “drippy alien”:

Oh yeah! You kidding? Just to play an alien, or some like, drippy weird alien. That would be cool. Or a snake thing. I could be a snake alien. That’s my long pitch to them: I want to play a snake alien.

Meanwhile, here’s a synopsis for Steven Moffat’s killer e-book episode, “Extremis”.

In the Haereticum – the Vatican’s secret library of blasphemy – there is an ancient book known only as The Veritas. Throughout history, anyone who has ever read it has immediately taken their own life. Now a new translation is online, and the danger is spreading. The Vatican appeals to the Doctor. Will he read The Veritas? But can even the Doctor survive the ultimate truth?

We also have a new pic from the episode, which looks a little more Doctor Strange than it does Doctor Who. [Spoiler TV]

Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

Twin Peaks

Speaking with Variety, Showtime CEO David Nevens says David Lynch will take on Trump’s America in the new Twin Peaks:

I think he’s evolved to an even more extreme version of himself, but all of the [Lynch] themes are visible. He has certain ideas about the ideal of America. Not to relate it too much to the present, but he has certain ideas about Midwestern American wholesomeness. But I think he’s also incredibly aware of the flip side of it. I think David Lynch is a really relevant voice: What does it mean when we say, ‘Make America great again?’

In the same article, Laura Dern revealed her character has a sprightly conversation with Agent Dale Cooper about robins:

Kyle and I had several scenes, particularly in the car, when we’re talking about the robins. There’s this very beautiful, hopeful poetry amidst this hellish world they have entered.

The Strain

Season four premieres Sunday, July 16, at 10:00PM ET in the US. [Spoiler TV]

The Defenders

Costume designer Stephanie Maslansky revealed Sigourney Weaver’s character Alexandra’s wardrobe is meant to reflect “that kind of ancientness” her character entails, perhaps hinting that the villain has deep ties to the Hand.

I think that she’s clearly a baddie, and she’s the head of an ancient organisation which is grounded in the comics. I hope that her wardrobe reflects that kind of ancientness. I hope I haven’t said too much. I hope Marvel doesn’t come after me.

[International Business Times]

Meanwhile, here’s some gifs to get you in the mood for the show.


Finally, ScreenRant has pictures from “Resist”, featuring an alien invasion, but more importantly, featuring the grand return of Cat Grant into our lives and hearts.

Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?
Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?
Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?
Is Deadpool 2 Looking To Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

And here’s the trailer!

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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