Rose Gold Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Tech And I Will Hear No Arguments

Rose Gold Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Tech And I Will Hear No Arguments

Call me basic all you want — and it’s true, I totally am — but I absolutely adore rose gold. In fact, if I’m being brutally honest, I think rose gold is the best thing that has ever happened to tech.

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It’s pretty simple, really. As you might have guessed, I love the colour pink. Any pink is good, but I’ve come to most love a soft, baby pink, which is what tech companies insist on calling rose gold.

I didn’t always love red’s spunkier little sister. In fact, growing up, I hated the colour, partially for aesthetic reasons, and partially because I think society had made me view the colour as a sign of weakness. (My childhood bedroom was a nice, light blue.) I went through a phase where I really liked magenta — this is a phase I would return to decades later — but I think that was as much about my love for Spottie Dottie as it was the colour itself.

It wasn’t until university that I came around and started to truly love pink. I could blame this on being in a sorority, but I think my tastes either changed, or I just became comfortable enough to embrace a colour that I grew up thinking I wasn’t “supposed” to like.

All that said, I haven’t always liked pink gadgets. I recall a weird Vera Wang/HP collaboration, where the laptops were both unfashionable and crappy. I also considered those pink Dell laptops I saw scattered across my university campus tacky. Still, I did get a magenta Motorola Razr in the mid-aughts, and I loved that phone. The phone itself was great, but the colour, man, that colour was life. My sister still quotes my Christmas exclamation — “pink Razr, fuck yeah” — every year.

But then that phone died, and I got a BlackBerry, and then an iPhone, and then another iPhone, and then a white iPhone, and then a slate grey iPhone, and then a gold iPhone, and — finally — a rose gold iPhone.

Rose gold as a shade existed before tech companies like Apple decided to slap it on everything. The New Yorker even wrote a thinkpiece about the colour in 2015 that did a nice job discussing the history of the metal itself. (I was quoted in the article. That’s how much I love rose gold.) But for me, none of the symbolism of the name or the history of the alloy means that much. I just really like pink, and the trend of rose gold gadgets meant I could get more things in pink.

As a woman, I also really love the rose goldification of everything trend, because it means that some of favourite things (gadgets) can better match with my other favourite things (handbags). The great part about rose gold, and pink tech in general, is that you can actually colour coordinate outfits and accessories with the gadgets themselves. “You’re totally wearing that dress because it matches your headphones and your phone,” my husband once said to me. He was right! Again, call me basic, but I like having my tech match my outfits.

Here, in no particular order, is a list of all the stuff I have bought in rose gold since 9 September 2015, the day Apple blessed us all with the the first rose gold iPhone 6S.

  • iPhone 6S
  • Beats Solo 2 Wireless Headphones (I already had the exact same headphones in red. I literally spent $US300 [$406] on headphones for the colour.)
  • Rose gold Apple Watch strap (My OG Apple Watch is stainless steel. I almost bought the rose gold Apple Watch Sport edition, but thought better of it.)
  • Rose gold Olloclip
  • Rose gold iPhone charging stand
  • Rose gold Kate Spade handbag (Fine, it was pink, but it matched my phone.)
  • Rose gold Adidas sneakers
  • Rose gold iPad Pro (The engraving actually reads, “C-Mac’s iPad. It’s pink and it’s fabulous.”)
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones (These had better battery life than the rose gold headphones I bought a year earlier, but sound the same. To be clear, I spent $US250 [$338] on headphones that were audibly the same as headphones I bought a year earlier, to replace identical headphones I already had in an existing colour.)
  • Rose gold clear case for my iPhone 7 Plus (The sides are rose gold.)
  • Rose gold iPhone charging cables from multiple brands
  • Assorted rose gold jewellery
  • More rosé than I should probably admit

Alas, I did not have enough money for the rose gold private plane. Also, I really loved the rose gold MacBook, but when I recently bought a new laptop, I opted to get one of the new MacBook Pros instead. Six months later, when I look at its non-rose gold colour, I feel sad for what could have been.

I love rose gold and I will not be ashamed. Rose gold is good. Rose gold is pure.

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