Watch Rufio’s Origin Story In This Fan Film Starring The Original Hook Actor

Watch Rufio’s Origin Story In This Fan Film Starring The Original Hook Actor

Video: Ask people what they most remember about Steven Spielberg’s Hook, and the answer is bound to be Rufio. The character, played by Dante Basco, was the leader of the Lost Boys before Peter Pan returned to Neverland, and ultimately, he’s killed by Captain Hook.

Dante Basco as Rufio and Robin Williams as Peter in Steven Spielberg’s Hook. Image: TriStar

That sacrifice, his crazy charisma, and his awesome red hair have remained a part of pop culture for decades since, even when most people crap on the movie. And now, director Jonah Feingold has teamed up with Basco himself to make a 14-minute short origin story for the character called Bangarang: The Hook Prequel. Check it out.

Now, the acting in Bangarang isn’t that great, but the ideas and visuals are there. Plus, the fact that a short with this specific of a concept can get made with the original subject involved is pretty cool. It isn’t gonna bring back a resurgence in Hook, but fans will certainly appreciate the time, effort and skill put into this labour of love.

[YouTube via Playlist]

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