A Day In The Life Of A Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally Driver




It’s dark in the tunnel. But there is excitement in the air.

The NEW Nerf NITRO Motofury Rapid Rally sets combine the thrill of speed, jumps and awesome tricks to create play and creativity, that combines the power and performance of Nerf.

I can hear the verbose shouts of the Large Ones outside of the chamber where we wait. My wheels spin in anticipation at their muffled laughs.

What challenge will they pose for us today? The clanging outside indicates that it’s going to be a good one. I can only make out snippets of conversation – “put…tyres”, “more boxes”, “No…grab…ramp”.

Ah yes, the thing they call “ramp”. Its my favourite. I hope they use the big one.

I don’t mean to brag, but I am the best at the big ramp. The Large Ones always say so. Apparently I go further than any of my other counterparts.

I don’t know if there is any scientific method behind their praise — we all appear to be of the same structural design. But who am I to question the logic of “red always goes faster”?


Our chamber, which I believe is referred to as a “blaster”, has been chosen. I feel us being turned and spun. There’s a kind of jovial laughter and quick-fire conversation from outside the chamber. Grey once told me that it’s called ‘Smack Talk’.

Before long we are placed firmly on the ground. My tyres quiver in anticipation.

A gentle press down and I feel the vibration, with its accompanying whirring noise. The Large Ones have activated the machine.

We don’t know if it has a name, but we have heard talk of a kind of sacrifice to it. Something called Double As? It must be a mighty beast indeed.


One of us has been released. Sounds of celebration can be heard from beyond the chamber, as we all drop down.

With each ping the light creeps in a little more and the jubilation outside increases. Finally, I am at the precipice of the device. It’s my turn next.


I’m flying across a cream landscape at an invigorating speed. I glide between purposely placed obstacles and race towards the large orange structure before me. The Ramp.


I mount it with ease, my wheels picking up speed with the incline until I’m suddenly airborne. I’m flying. In the seconds where the wind whips through my tyres and kisses my tinted windows I am untouchable.

I spin. I flip. I land.

But this isn’t the end. I continue propelling forward across the soft surface, the adrenaline still pumping through me as I begin to slow and eventually come to a stop under a large wooden structure.

I am only given a moment to rest and let myself feel the residual rush before a hand reaches down for me. I am praised in the grasp of this giant. It incorporates me into what we have come to assume is a sacred victory dance, waving me in the face of its dejected competitor.

But it doesn’t last long. The Large Ones quickly begin arranging all of their obstacles again, planning their “sick stunts” and promising to kick each other’s proverbial backsides.

They bring the chamber towards me again. It’s time to lock and load again.





Nerf’s NITRO Motofury Rapid Rally will be blasting into Australian stores in September and will retail for $89.99. Comes with motorised blaster, 9 foam cars, 12 obstacles, high-jump ramp and long-jump ramp. Batteries not included.

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