Father’s Day Gift Guide For The Active Dad

Is your dad the fit type? Does he love to spend every weekend outdoors or enjoys a good run or cycle? Father’s Day is on it’s way and here’s some gifts he might like.

This Father’s Day gift guide is presented by Fitbit. Whether at work or at the gym, give Dad a gift that works as hard as he does.

Sennheiser OCX 686G Sports Earphones

Whether your dad enjoys sport, running, hiking or camping — he’s probably going to need a set of headphones to match. This offering from Sennheiser is one of the best out there and at a pretty decent price point.

Anyone who has had to adjust earbuds during a workout will know how much it can throw you off. Being an ear canal headset, these stay in place. They’re also sweat and water resistant, so they’re not going to get gross or need replacing after a couple of months of use.

They also include a smart remote that can be paired with a smart phone, making music easily controllable.


Mono 1 Person Tent v2

Camping-dads need themselves a rad tent, and here’s one just for them.

This solo shelter combines a lightweight design with durable, waterproof fabric to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. It also comes with a repair kit, so one can patch on the go if necessary.

You can also get 2 and 3 person versions of this tent for weekends away with the family or friends.


Fitbit Charge 2

If dad is out being active, why not also give him to ability to track his progress?

This is what the Charge 2 excels at. It takes a holistic approach to your physical fitness with minimal impact on your time. From automatic sleep monitoring, to regular heart rate tracking to its cardio fitness graph — it has you covered.

The Charge 2 also has connected GPS, which you can access via the Fitbit app. It may not be built into the device, but being outdoors usually means having your phone on you anyway.

I personally really like that it recognises impromptu running without my having to mess around with the settings so the exercise gets recorded properly. This is a huge plus and is perfect for no-fuss dads who just want to get into it and look at the stats later.


GoPro Hero5

If your dad is capturing his outdoor adventures, a GoPro Hero 5 is probably a good pick for him.

Utilising both touch screen and voice commands, it is super simple to use. They’re also incredibly compact, so they’re not cumbersome when trying to capture sports/action shots or even just some stunning wilderness. Oh, and they’re waterproof and shoot in 4K.

One of the coolest features actually comes from the new GoPro QuikStories app which edits footage for you so it’s ready to share. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to mess around with editing apps or software.


Thermos 1.2L Insulated Flask

For a man who is serious about a cuppa.

This whole range is so cool. Literally. It can keep liquid cold or hot for 24 hours thanks to vacuum insulation technology.

I don’t know your dad, but as a hiker myself I never go without a Thermos, and it needs to be durable. Nobody wants a sad, lukewarm tea or coffee 6 hours into a trek. Here’s your answer.

There are of course a bunch of different varieties to suit your needs, including Star Wars varieties that don’t feel should just be for kids! but this one is a personal favourite.


Leatherman Signal

Is there anything more quintessentially outdoor-dad than a Leatherman? There’s a reason that these continue to be a must-have for anyone who likes to take to the trail, and the Signal takes it a step further.

In addition to all the bells and whistles that you expect from a multi-tool it actually adds, well… a whistle. And a fire starter. With one of these in your back pocket, you’re covered when you head out into the wilderness.


North Face Apex Flex GTX Jacket

This is a great gift for anyone who is a year-long hiker or just likes getting outside regardless of the weather. This bad boy keeps you dry, even when it’s bucketing down. As an added bonus, it isn’t at all bulky, making it both portable and comfortable. it can also be worn outside the winter months, because it isn’t designed to make you overly warm.

Sure, it has a pretty high price point for a piece of clothing, but it’s more than worth it if your dad is someone who is serious about being outdoors come rain, hail or shine. We even have a review of it!


Nomad 100 Solar Panel

We’re getting into a pricier territory here, but hey it’s fun!

With 100-Watts of power and included mc4 connectors, the latest portable solar offering from Nomad is pretty hardcore. We recommend pairing it with a Yeti 400 Solar Generator so your dad’s base camp can be truly lit.

And if you really want to go nuts here, you can chain up to 3 of these together if you want. In addition to camping, this could also be a good solution for parents who like to get out and about in a motorhome.

$799.99 (plus an extra $699.99 if you want the Yeti)

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