Tegan Jones

Tegan Jones is a former editor of Gizmodo Australia. She has a focus on consumer technology and issues-based technology reporting and an obsession with history. She regularly appears on ABC News, Sunrise, A Current Affair and Weekend Today as an expert tech commentator. You may have also heard her on Triple J, ABC Radio And Download This Show. Tegan was previously deputy editor of Gizmodo and commercial editor of Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker and Business Insider. Her work first appeared on Gizmodo US when she was a freelancer in 2013. Prior to working across the Pedestrian Group publications she wrote tech, gaming and entertainment content for Fairfax Media (Daily Life), The Brag and The AU Review.
  • Here’s a List of Government-Approved Fake Phone Numbers

    Here’s a List of Government-Approved Fake Phone Numbers

    If you’re looking for a fake phone number to use, it turns out there’s a list available in Australia. The Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has an entire section of its website dedicated to fake phone numbers. Why fake numbers? Works of fiction like movies and TV shows often need to include phone numbers.…