We Should Have Seen Sharon Carter on Agents Of SHIELD

We Should Have Seen Sharon Carter on Agents Of SHIELD

Image: Marvel

Talk about a missed opportunity. Emily VanCamp has revealed that there were talks to bring Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13, into Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. And it’s too bad they didn’t, because that would have been awesome.

During a press event at the annual Television Critics Association (as reported by Deadline), VanCamp was asked about her role as Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter’s grand-niece in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sharon Carter made her debut in Captain America: Winter Soldier as a secret SHIELD agent and Captain America’s love interest. She was last seen in Captain America: Civil War sharing a passionate kiss with Steve Rogers after secretly helping him and Bucky.

VanCamp’s future in the MCU is uncertain, but she did share that there were hopes she’d join Agents of SHIELD. “I think it was discussed, but I was working on Revenge at the time,” VanCamp said. It’s unclear whether it would have been a cameo or a recurring role, but either way she would have been a welcome addition to the series.

The actress added that she has “no idea” if she’ll appear in any future shows or movies, like Infinity War, but that she’s amenable to it. She especially liked the idea of teaming up with Brie Larson in her upcoming Captain Marvel debut. “You guys put it out there,” she said with a smile.


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