$45,750 Octopod Clock Counts Down The Seconds Before It Rips Off Your Face

$45,750 Octopod Clock Counts Down The Seconds Before It Rips Off Your Face

Clocks in general lost plenty of lustre with the age of ubiquitous smartphones, so if you want to sell chronometers in 2017, you have to go cool. For watchmaking outfit Maximilian Busser & Friends, that means expensive. And terrifying. Take its latest design, the Octopod, which not only tells the time, but provides a countdown for when it’ll leap on your head, rip off your face and impersonate you at parties.

According to MB&F, only 150 units will be produced, 50 in the colours of silver, black and blue. I used the word “expensive” in the opening paragraph and it’s completely justified: one of these mechanical horrors will set you back $US36,200 — about $45,750 Australian.

The clock is free-standing, with a single barrel providing enough power to last eight days. It is comprised of 159 moving parts, with the body itself built from over 300 pieces. The legs are fully articulated and the central sphere supports 360° of movement.

It has a modest weight of 4.2kg and stands 28cm with the legs extended. The more squat profile reduces this to 22cm and increased the base profile from 28cm to 45cm.

The manual states that the clock attracts fingerprints like nobody’s business. Not that you’d catch me touching the thing.

[Maximilian Busser & Friends, via Technobob]

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