Sydney’s Trains Broke Again And Everyone Is Done

Sydney’s Trains Broke Again And Everyone Is Done

Look at the image above. That’s the opposite of how Sydney’s train stations looked yesterday.

Sydney’s train system hasn’t been great for a very long time, but if yesterday’s pandemonium is anything to go by, people are pretty much done with the whole thing – and took to Twitter to let us all know about it.

This was in Gordon, where buses were called in to replace cancelled services.

Meanwhile, plenty of folks were calling on the NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, to resign.

Some were, understandably, calling on Opal to issue refunds to customers for all the delays.

Channel 9’s NSW political reporter, Chris O’Keefe, confirmed that there would be no refunds for affected customers.

People were stranded on platforms for hours with little updates on progress.

As someone who dislikes crowds, just looking at these images makes me nervous.

Even the train crew’s had had enough.

Finger’s crossed that everything holds up better today, but it’s clear there are some pretty serious long-term problems that need to be taken care of, as noted by these particularly damning tweets from someone claming to be the brother of a Sydney train driver.

What a bloody nightmare. Did you have trouble getting home last night?

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