The Easiest Way To Quickly Transfer Money Across The Globe

Thanks to today’s global society, almost all of us have family, friends and business contacts spread across the world. With so many international connections, at some stage everybody finds themselves faced with the need to transfer money overseas.

This task can be time consuming and complicated, however there is a way to make the process simple, fast and stress free.

You can send money overseas quickly with Western Union. And this is exactly how you can do it:

Download the Western Union Money Transfer App

Western Union’s Money Transfer App is free to download for any smartphone user. Once you have downloaded the app, you can use it to check exchange rates, to make local and international transfers, and to track the status of your transfer.

To download the app, visit the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices).

If you are an existing Western Union user, once you have downloaded the app you need only log in before getting started.

As a new user, you will need to create an account and verify your identity with either a driver’s licence, Medicare card or Passport (this only takes a few moments).

Get an estimate

Using Western Union, you can transfer funds to over 200 countries via credit card, bank transfer or by paying in person at your local branch.

When you’re ready to begin, nominate the amount of money you would like to transfer before getting an estimate of the exchange rate and the fees involved.

For example, when you send $500 to a family member in Canada, they will receive approximately $CAD475 (based on March 2018 exchange rates). The total cost to you will include the cash amount plus a small transfer fee.

Nominate your ‘Receiver’

Using your app, you can quickly enter the name, email address, street address and contact phone number of the recipient of your international transfer.

Western Union’s Money Transfer App has a clear interface which makes entering details simple. The clever technology also allows you to store your contact’s information for future transfers.

Pay for your transfer

You have three options for paying for your international funds transfer using the Western Union app:

  • Credit card (enter your details or simply scan your card)
  • Bank transfer
  • Pay in person at a participating Western Union location within 24 hours (bring photo ID and cash for faster checkout).

All payments are fast, reliable and completely secure.

Track your transfer

Once you have requested a transfer, you will receive a ten digit tracking number. By entering this into your app, both you and your receiver can stay up to date on its progress.

When the transfer is complete, your recipient can visit their local Western Union outlet to receive the funds in cash. They will need the tracking number as well as details including your name, your country and the transfer amount. Alternatively, they can request to have the money transferred to their own bank account.*

Why use Western Union to send money overseas

Western Union takes the stress out of sending money to friends, family and business contacts around the world.

Using this global service, there is no need to enter complex details such as bank account numbers, SWIFT-BIC Codes, IBAN numbers or physical bank addresses. They have designed the process to be easy and quick so you can make your transfer and get on with doing the things you enjoy.

Once you have completed your transaction using the Western Union Money Transfer App, there is no need to follow up. You can rest assured your money will be transferred quickly and securely to its nominated beneficiary.

Western Union’s Money Transfer App makes subsequent transfers a breeze by allowing for Touch ID logins and connecting with the contacts in your smartphone. You can also instantly access your transaction history anytime you need to.

For fast, reliable transfers, wherever you are, 24/7, download Western Union’s free Money Transfer App and get started today.

* Direct bank transfers start at $4

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