This Five-Figure Desktop Might Also Be The Most Outrageous Nintendo Switch Dock Ever Created

This Five-Figure Desktop Might Also Be The Most Outrageous Nintendo Switch Dock Ever Created

GIF: Alex Cranz (YouTube)

The Nintendo Switch is already the hottest console on the block, so how do you go about making it even better? By building a wildly expensive custom gaming desktop with a built-in Switch dock, so you can enjoy the best of the console and PC world, of course.

Created as part of Intel’s 2018 Extreme Rig Challenge, Maingear’s frankly ridiculous gaming PC began life as a standard F131 desktop (which starts at $US2,645 ($3,497) btw), before being loaded up with Intel’s top-of-the-line Core i9-7980XE Extreme Edition CPU, an Intel Optane 900P Series SSD, 32GB of RAM, dual Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, untold amounts of storage, and customisable RGB lighting at every angle, including inside the desktop’s water-cooling system.

But the real coup de grace is that little cubby hole at the front of the system. That’s because not only does this PC have a built-in dock for recharging your switch, it also has a integrated capture card so you can play Mario Odyssey on a connected monitor, stream your gameplay out to the world, or easily record all your favourite clips directly to your computer. That’s enough to make even the most die hard member of the PC master race want to venture among filthy console peasants.

While there’s no listed price for this marvellous one-off creation, between all the custom-fitted RGB watercooling pipes, Maingear’s automotive quality paint job, and the top-notch hardware components powering this thing, the total cost for the entire system is easily in the five-figure range.

My one issue with this system (aside from the fact that I can’t afford one), is that to dock a Switch, you have to take its Joy-Con controllers off, and it doesn’t seem like Maingear has included a place to store the Switch’s controllers when they aren’t connected to the console.

But what might be even more amazing is that if Intel’s PC building contest ended today, Maingear wouldn’t win. Currently, this silly Switch-PC hybrid is only in third place, behind systems from OriginPC and Cybertron PC. The contest officially ends on June 8th, with the winner announced on June 19th, and if you vote on your favourite system before the whole show is over, you’ll even have a chance to win one of the ludicrous systems from the challenge.

Though good luck with that, because there’s bound to be a million other people vying for a system this sick.

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