Richard E. Grant’s Reaction To Getting Cast In Star Wars Is Very Relatable

Richard E. Grant’s Reaction To Getting Cast In Star Wars Is Very Relatable

Getting cast in Star Wars is a once in a lifetime experience. Which provides the opportunity for a once in a lifetime over-the-top reaction.

Richard E. Grant (Logan, Game of Thrones) has been cast in an undisclosed role in JJ Abrams’s Episode IX, among a bevy of other great genre actors, placing him at a pivotal place in the history of the franchise.

He’ll be a part of the film that closes out the Skywalker Saga.

So how did the distinguished actor react? Well, naturally, he freaked out. As he said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, transcribed by Cinema Blend:

J.J. was sitting with Daisy Ridley and said, ‘Hey! Great. Come in. So you’re gonna do it?’ and I said, ‘Do what?’ And at this point the room went upside-down, and I’m sure he was telling me in detail what part I was playing and what the character is called. I have no memory of that whatsoever. I just kept thinking: I might be in Star Wars.

I kept waiting for them to say, ‘Well you’re going to come in and stand in for somebody else because we need somebody to test your height or your age or whatever.’ But no, they kept saying ‘So you are going to do this aren’t you?’ and I said, ‘Of course I’m going to do this.’

That is the most relatable reaction to a Star Wars casting I’ve ever seen. Honestly, if JJ told me I was going to be in Star Wars, I don’t think I’d be hearing anything anyone else said for a week.

Episode IX is slated for release December 20, 2019.

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