The DC Movie Wonder Woman Goes Comic Book Retro, And More Of The Most Fabulous Toys Of The Week

The DC Movie Wonder Woman Goes Comic Book Retro, And More Of The Most Fabulous Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular roundup of all the shiny new toys tempting our wallets lately. This week: Doctor Who‘s newest Doctor gets a lovely little action figure, Gambit gets an insanely articulated toy that’ll arrive before his solo movie ever does, and the most adorable Kirby plush around makes his debut. Check it out!

Hot Toys Sixth-Scale Justice League Wonder Woman (Comic Concept Version)

One constant critique of the earliest looks at Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume ahead of its Batman v Superman debut was just how muted it all was — and while brighter cinematography in Wonder Woman and Justice League helped, the costume is still pretty muted compared to most of Diana’s comic book looks.

Hot Toys is now, at least, letting you imagine what might have been if Gal Gadot suited up in something right out of a George Perez-illustrated comic with this exclusive “Comic Concept” version of its regular Justice League Diana.

She comes with all the accessories the movie version of the figure does — sword, shield, lasso, and all the extra hands to hold them — along with a new cloak. But the joy is in the bright, saturated colouration of Diana’s costume, clad in those unabashedly retro comics colours — the shiny silvers, the glimmering golds, all the way down to the stars printed on her skirt.

It’s a truly wonderful version of a great costume, but if you want it for yourself, it’s going to be harder to get than your average Hot Toys figure — the Comic Concept Diana is being sold as an exclusive for Tokyo Comic-Con at the end of the month, and won’t actually be available until early next year even if you can bag an order. [Hot Toys]

Kaiyodo X-Men Gambit Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Figure

As superheroes go, Gambit has a lot going for him: a charming Cajun accent, an amazing head of hair, stylish trench coats, and X-Men powers that make his card tricks actually seem kind of cool with explosive finales. Kaiyodo’s new 18cm Revoltech figure is just another feather in Gambit’s hat — if he wore one.

Using ball joints, this $US60 ($83) figure is infinitely poseable, even the tails of his coat can strike the perfect hero silhouette, and it includes swappable hands, faces, and weapons.

[h/t Toyark]

Sucking Kirby Plush Toy

On paper, a pink shapeless blob that can suck up rubbish doesn’t sound like a compelling video game character. But somehow, Nintendo managed to make Kirby an iconic part of the company’s video game roster. His ability to suck up baddies and steal their powers is a unique game mechanic, but have you ever wondered what that would feel like?

Wonder no more with this plush Kirby from Bandai that doubles as a pillow, letting you cram your head inside his gaping mouth hole, or you can just use him for storage. Best $US84 ($116) you’ll ever spend.

[h/t SoraNews24]

Character Options 13th Doctor Action Figure

Doctor Who‘s latest Time Lord already got a pretty nifty 25cm scaled doll ahead of her debut season airing on the BBC, but now collectors of Character Options’ range of 15cm figures are finally going to have a 13th Doctor to add to their collection of past releases. The new figure, due out in late December, includes the Doctor’s trusty sonic screwdriver as an accessory, and… well, that’s it.

But considering that Character’s Who figures have been around pretty much since the show came back in 2005, giving collectors a chance to acquire the latest Doctor in this scale and style to go with the rest of its figures is a welcome addition to the cavalcade of 13th Doctor merchandise. Hopefully there will be more on the way from season 11! [BBC Studios]

Desktop Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

You no longer have to sit parked across the street from your local used car dealership like a weirdo to enjoy the antics of those wacky waving inflatable tube guys. Firebox will sell you a $US13 ($18) desktop version of the attention-grabbing inflatable that stands just 46cm tall.

That’s tall enough to keep you entertained for hours on end at work, but not tall enough to distract your co-workers. The battery-powered base features a tiny air pump that keeps the tube whipping around, and it’s portable enough to take to sporting events, weddings, and probably even get you out of jury duty.

Nintendo Super Mario Light-Up Wreath

When carolers come knocking this holiday season, you can easily let them know they should be singing the Super Mario Bros. or Sonic the Hedgehog themes instead of Jingle Bells with ThinkGeek’s light-up gaming-themed wreath.

It features Super Mario Bros. imagery like mushrooms, stars, and coin blocks, and has a pixelated design complete with five random flashing LEDs. At just $US20 ($28) it also won’t dry out and die by season’s end like a wreath made from pine branches, so you’re free to leave it up all year long.

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