Andy Serkis Doing Gollum As A Brexit-Hungry Theresa May Is The Last Thing You Will See Before You Die

Andy Serkis Doing Gollum As A Brexit-Hungry Theresa May Is The Last Thing You Will See Before You Die

Things have not been going too swell for British Prime Minister Theresa May as of late. After a majority of ministers within the House of Commons voted to find the British government in contempt of Parliament (for the first time in history) for not publishing details about May’s much-maligned Brexit plan that was meant to be voted on this week, the Prime Minister is once again on the defensive.

This week, May postposed a vote on the current Brexit bill that would almost certainly have failed, after Parliament came to the conclusion that the British government had willfully kept vital information about the significant financial impacts the plan had for the country. Now, May and the Conservative Party are busy trying to hurriedly fashion a Brexit plan with a better chance for survival.

One can only imagine what kind of deep, reflective thoughts must be running through Prime Minister May’s mind at a time like this. To whom does she owe her allegiance? To the party or to the people? It’s the kind of crushing inner struggle that only the most tortured of souls could ever truly hope to understand—someone like, say, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings’ Gollum, as played by one Andy Serkis.

It’s less than likely that May will ever speak openly about the conflicting emotions battling inside her as she fought to keep the UK away from the EU while also keeping her job, but Serkis’ performance as the politician feels like it’s pretty spot on.

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