A Phone Has Exploded At A London Train Station

A Phone Has Exploded At A London Train Station

Image: Haxie Meyers-Belkin, Twitter

An unidentified phone exploded overnight at an international train terminal in London.

According to Gizmodo UK there was a loud “bang” and smoke, which caused passengers to scream and run.

My London has reported that the panic lasted less than a minute, but resulted in some passengers being stranded after their train left.

At the present time there has been no confirmation as to what make or model the phone is. The only images available of the destroyed phone are difficult to see.

A station staff member allegedly told a bystander at the scene that it was a Samsung, but this is yet to be confirmed. It could be a residual assumption due to the Note 7 explosions in 2016.

Gizmodo UK has also theorised that it looks like a Sony Xperia due to the shape and colour. But again, this is speculation and shouldn’t be taken as fact.

For the moment it would be prudent to wait for an official report on what happened before worrying about your handset of choice.

We’ll update this story once we have more information.

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