Transgender Activist Chella Man Is Titans’ Jericho

Transgender Activist Chella Man Is Titans’ Jericho

While the heroes of DC Universe’s Titans still have an otherworldly, apocalyptic threat to deal with, the team’s soon going to be tasked with fending off Deathstroke, one of their most iconic rogues — and apparently, they’re going to have a bit of help courtesy of the villain’s son.

Today, DC announced that transgender activist Chella Man, who is also deaf, will join Titans’ second season as Joseph Wilson (codename Jericho), Deathstroke’s metahuman son who has the ability to possess anyone he makes eye contact with.

Because Jericho was rendered mute after a fateful accident, he typically communicates via ASL or by using the voices of those he’s taken ahold of, and it’ll be interesting to see how Titans adapts this in a way that highlight’s Man’s talents.

According to DC’s description of Titans take on Jericho, he’ll be an ally of sorts to the team as they face off against his murderous father, and there’s a solid chance that, like his comics counterpart, he’ll be bisexual when he’s introduced to the show, making him one of the latest additions to the growing ranks of queer superheroes currently being featured on television.

Man’s described as being a recurring Titans star, meaning that there’s a chance he won’t be joining the team as a full-timer – but given his relationship to Deathstoke, it’s certain that his presence will be significant when the show returns for its second season.

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