All The Game of Thrones Spinoffs We’d Like To See

All The Game of Thrones Spinoffs We’d Like To See

There is nary a soul online who isn’t at least vaguely aware that the behemoth of television that is Game of Thrones has finally, at long last, come to an end.

Whether you followed the show and painstakingly read every last one of our recaps (ahem) or just had a passing interest in ‘that wizardy dragon show’, it’s definitely become one of those shows that transcends TV and infiltrates the vernacular.

So now that it’s done, we’re left wondering: what’s next?

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Well, HBO have already confirmed that there won’t be a spinoff about everyone’s favourite faceless murderer, Arya, but there’s definitely a few in the works (including a prequel of sorts starring Naomi Watts that we’re intrigued to know more about).

But with so much hype over the series it’s inevitable that people have their own desires and expectations for any furthering of the Game of Thrones narrative – even if it’s just another tale set in Westeros.

We asked around the office and got a read on the types of spinoffs that the staff across Gizmodo, Kotaku, Lifehacker and PedestrianTV would like to see hit our screens. Here’s what we came up with:

“I like to think that Drogon actually carried Dany off to the Lord of Light who brought her back to life to have her own spinoff… Wishful thinking!” – Sarah, Advertising & Partnerships Manager

Likelihood: Low

Look, the Lord of Light is definitely a force to be reckoned with but I’d be very surprised if they decided to bring Daenerys back in any capacity. Whether you agree that her arc was sufficiently developed or not, to bring her back would be fan service – and wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense for the plot.

Developing a spinoff about the Lord of Light and his followers in general though? After Melisandre’s performance at the Battle of Winterfell and Thoros of Myr’s talent for bringing ol’ Beric back to life, I could be convinced.

“I would love to see a spin off with Gendry, or maybe Jon and the free people.” – Georgia, Projects Coordinator

Likelihood: Mixed

Gendry, although mighty attractive and popular, is now a Lord of Storm’s End. And sure, the Lords and Ladies of Westeros lead pretty interesting lives, now that the war is done I don’t think there’s a whole lot of drama going down in Storm’s End.

But Jon and the Free Folk would be interesting, now that we’ve seen them start roaming into the true North together. If you ask me though, I think the likelihood of that increases if we take Jon out of the equation.

“I reckon the Age of Heroes would be pretty cool to see brought to life.” – Jess, Videographer

Likelihood: Very High

As we mentioned earlier, there is at least one spinoff that’s already been given the green light at script stage, and judging by commentary from George R. R. Martin himself, it’ll be set in the time of the Age of Heroes.

The prequel, starring Naomi Watts, is reportedly set almost 10,000 years before the time of the original series. This would be way back when the Children of the Forest made a peace pact with the First Men – though word remains that it’ll have more to do with the origins of the White Walkers in the time of the Long Night.

“I wish to know more of the unknown soldier.” – Brad, Senior News Reporter

Likelihood: Spectacularly low

This bloke? Sorry Brad. It ain’t happening.

“The Dance Of The Dragons – civil war between Targaryens set around 300 years before Game of Thrones. It’s got heaps of scheming characters, shock deaths, betrayals, love affairs, and dragons fighting each other. What more do you need?” – Chris, Editor of Lifehacker

Likelihood: Reasonable

It’s a fair suggestion, if you ask me, and Chris has really said it all. I’d be down to watch more scheming, and audiences seem to be weirdly okay with televised incest now so bring on more Targaryens, I say.

Personally, I’d be happy to just have an entire season dedicated to Sansa ruling as Queen in the North. And, I want to see more of the Wildlings. As long as we don’t have to see Tormund’s experience with the giant woman (big yikes), I want backstory.

But within the walls of this office, there was one incredibly popular answer that we frankly demand to see – and it centres entirely around Westeros’ own Masterchef, Hot Pie.

– “Give me a spinoff of Hot Pie’s bakery where he solves baking-related mysteries and has a talking dog sidekick for some reason.” – Aiden, Strategy & Response Manager

– “I demand that Hot Pie gets his own reality cooking show called Pieron Chef.” – Tegan, Editor of Gizmodo

– “Cooking With Hot Pie.” – David, News Editor

It must be done. Our stomachs insist.

While we wait for word from the ravens for these possible spinoffs, relive the last season vicariously through our recaps – they’re snarky, comprehensive and full of Lord of the Rings references.

Check them out below.

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