The Battle Against Mobile Demonic Possession Rages In The Trailer For Nekrotronic

The Battle Against Mobile Demonic Possession Rages In The Trailer For Nekrotronic

Have you ever wondered what would happen if demons could possess you through your phone? Of course you haven’t! It’s a ludicrous idea that borders on parody. And yet, the film Nekrotronic takes that idea and runs with it, hoping to create something wild and surprising.

Directed and co-written by Australian filmmaker Kiah Roache-Turner, Nekrotronic is, yes, about a world where demons can possess you through your cell phone. Beyond that, though, it explores the people responsible for hunting them down—the Nekromancers.

It ups the ante again by adding in Monica Bellucci as the leader of the demons. Curious how that all fits together? Check out this new trailer, debuting exclusively on Gizmodo.

Yes, that was Lord of the Rings co-star David Wenham in there too, adding a bit more star power along with Bellucci.

Nekrotronic played at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and reviews out of festival weren’t great. On the other hand, the positive ones make the movie sound amazing.

Nekrotronic feels like Quentin Tarantino had been watching a lot of Edgar Wright and Wachowski movies, and then decided to make a Ghostbusters film,” wrote Nerdist. And really, even if a movie isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, if you can describe it like that, how can you not give it a shot?

Also, to repeat, Monica Bellucci plays a queen demon of some sort.

Momentum Pictures is releasing Nekrotronic in U.S. theatres and on digital August 9. Stay tuned for news on its Australian release. Here’s the official Facebook.

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