All The Secrets We Learned At The Tasty Bob’s Burgers Comic-Con Panel

All The Secrets We Learned At The Tasty Bob’s Burgers Comic-Con Panel

With nine seasons out in the world and a 10th on the way, animated Fox comedy Bob’s Burgers needs no introduction. By now, of course, it has legions of devoted fans, several hundred of whom were packed into the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel last week to learn more about the new season, the upcoming movie, and to just generally laugh their faces off.

Taking the stage for Bob’s Burgers were creator and exec producer Loren Bouchard; one of the show’s longtime writers, Holly Schlesinger; cast members H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Dan Mintz (Tina), John Roberts (Linda), and Larry Murphy (Teddy); and production coordinator and occasional cast member Melissa Galsky (Ms. Jacobson).

Most of the panel was fun banter (I could watch Roberts riff as Linda for hours) and fan questions — and naturally, nobody wanted to let anything slip that might be considered a spoiler. But Bouchard did share a couple of rapid-fire nuggets about season 10 (Bob finally gets Linda an engagement ring! Nat, the limo driver voiced by Jillian Bell, returns!

The Halloween episode will be “a Nightmare on Elm Street homage” in which, uh, a fetal pig haunts Tina! There’ll be an episode set entirely in a mall that sees Tina take her boy craziness to a whole new level of creepy!), as well as that feature film that’s in the works.

Bouchard also brought some clips from season 10 that highlighted the show’s ability to bring hilarity to everyday moments. One sees Bob’s BFF and best customer, Teddy, trying and failing to act super nonchalant to cover up the scandalous fact that he’s taken a job working for Bob’s arch-rival, Jimmy Pesto. Another shows Linda trying to help her sister, Gayle, put in some eyedrops. (It doesn’t end well.)

We also see Tina marveling at how improved her vision is thanks to some new glasses. Naturally, she exploits it by ogling boys as they walk past the restaurant. And finally, we got a glimpse of the Thanksgiving episode, in which the family decides to roast a turkey outside but has trouble finding enough stuff to burn to keep the fire going.

As for the movie, Bouchard said it will be a musical and a mystery, and will feature the return of the spiritual version of Kuchi Kopi. It will delve a bit into Bob’s past, specifically addressing the character’s relationship with his mother. Bouchard also said the movie will reveal what’s under Louise’s ever-present bunny hat (“Nothing unusual,” he insisted), and says “the movie will address why she feels compelled to wear it.”

Bob’s Burgers will return to Fox on September 30 in the U.S. and will screen on Fox8 in Australia — although no release date is currently confirmed. The Bob’s Burgers movie is due out July 18, 2020 and again, stay tuned for news of an Australian release.

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