The MCU’s Runaways And Cloak & Dagger Will Team Up In A Season 3 Crossover Episode

The MCU’s Runaways And Cloak & Dagger Will Team Up In A Season 3 Crossover Episode

Remember the good old days, when the disparate parts of the Marvel’s cinematic franchise featured nifty little crossovers between shows and movies that established the idea that they were all part of a shared universe, meaning that there was always potential for big, epic team-ups? Runaways remembers, and so does Cloak & Dagger.

At he end of the year, as part of Runaways’ third season, the team will cross paths and team up with Cloak and Dagger, who most recently made the choice to leave New Orleans in order to put their powers to good use beyond their hometown.

The titular teams of both shows announced the news in a small teaser video featuring them all together:

The Runaways and, interestingly, their parents, fell on hard times in the second season’s final episodes, as it became clear that Jonah’s plans for the world were far more sinister and body snatch-y than previously realised.

The Runaways’ third season will find Molly, Nico, and Alex left to figure out how to find and save Chase, Gert, and Karolina, who’ve all been captured and hidden away. According to a new description from the series, the remaining Runaways’ search will take them into Morgan le Fey’s mystical realm, which tracks with Runaways co-creator Joshua Schwartz’s hints about season three exploring the magical secrets about the Staff of One that Tina Minoru’s been hiding from her daughter.

Nothing’s been announced about exactly how and when Cloak and Dagger will show up in LA to meet their new friends, but considering how the Runaways are down a few members, they’re definitely going to need the assist when Runaways’ their third season hits on December 26 on Fox.