Updates From The Arrow Finale, Loki, And More

Updates From The Arrow Finale, Loki, And More

Add another Stephen King adaptation to the pile, courtesty of Andy and Barbara Muschetti. Teagan Croft shows off more of Raven’s familiar new look for Titans season two. Plus, tons of new clips from the horrifying Banana Splits movie, behind-the-scenes on Two Sentence Horror Stories, and a new DC’s World’s Finest is formed on the CW. Spoilers, away!

Realm of Shadows

Bloody-Disgusting reports Tony Todd will star as a Catholic priest in Realm of Shadows, a brand-new horror anthology from directors Jimmy Drain and Brian McCulley. Co-starring Vida Ghaffari, Denise Gurule, Lauren C. Mayhew, Jodi Lynn Thomas, Gregg Stone, Caustic Scifidelic, Mark Fowler and Noah Anderson, the film’s interwoven narratives surround a Cryptkeeper-esque entity called Master Makin (Ghaffari) “the mysterious owner of a haunted vault.”


Appearing as guests on Radio Cantillo, Andy and Barbara Muschietti revealed they plan to produce a film adaptation of Stephen King’s Roadwork, in which a grieving man is driven to psychosis after learning the construction of a new highway has scheduled his home and workplace for demolition. In the words of Barbara Muschietti, “It’s a fantastic script. We hope to start shooting at the beginning of next year.”


Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan in Synchronic, an upcoming sci-fi/horror in which “two New Orleans paramedics encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug” with otherworldly effects.

The Banana Splits Movie

The Banana Splits are makin’ up a mess of fun in several new clips from their unexpected new horror movie.

Zombieland: Double Tap

Emma Stone doesn’t care much for Zoey Deutch, either, in this French trailer for Retour à Zombieland.

The Addams Family

The secret origin of Lurch is revealed in the U.K. trailer for The Addams Family, including both new and alternate footage.


FandomWire claims that, to perhaps the surprise of very few, the Disney+ Loki MCU spinoff series will ultimately serve as a lead-in to the events of Thor: Love & Thunder. The outlet has also acquired an alleged production logline for the series, which, if true, confirms Loki follows an incarnation of the character from a divergent timeline created in Avengers: Endgame.

[Loki] follows Loki after the events in Avengers: Endgame as the trickster who uses the power of the Tesseract to travel throughout human history and change historical events.


Actress Teagan Croft revealed on Instagram her character, Raven, will enjoy a new look more in line with her aesthetic from the comics and beloved animated series.


Speaking with TVLine at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, showrunner Marc Guggenheim revealed “a lot of logistical hurdles” will have to be crossed in order to film the series finale of Arrow.

I came out of meditation one morning and I had the whole last scene — and it’s a brand-new scene. There are a lot of logistical hurdles that have to be crossed in order to shoot that scene. It’s not like we can just film it tomorrow. The thing that I’ve sort of always told myself about the finale was that I wouldn’t be so rigid about my plan that I wouldn’t leave myself open to other ideas. Had I not left myself open, I wouldn’t have written the scene I wrote, which I really, really like.

In the event Guggenheim “can’t make this work”, he plans to share the relevant script pages on Twitter the night of the series’ finale.

The Terror: Infamy

“All seems lost” in the synopsis for “Into the Afterlife,” the series finale of The Terror: Infamy.

As all seems lost, Henry and Asako must look to the past to provide answers to their current turmoil. Chester and Luz grapple with their identities in hopes of saving those who are dearest to them. Amy and Yamato-san struggle to once again assimilate to American life.

[Spoiler TV]

Fear the Walking Dead

Grace and Morgan do Dawn of the Dead in a clip from “210 Words Per Minute,” the upcoming 70-minute episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

A dying man’s dream comes true as Grace and Morgan search for supplies in an abandoned shopping mall, where they must fight to survive when their mission goes awry; Dwight is put to the test after he claims he wants to be a better man.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

A new featurette takes us behind-the-scenes of Two Sentence Horror Stories.


Finally, Batwoman and Supergirl are the new World’s Finest in a trailer for the CW’s upcoming superhero slate.

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