A Mandalorian Star Offers Up An Intriguing Character Description

A Mandalorian Star Offers Up An Intriguing Character Description

Another Hasbro toy is ready to make its big-screen debut. A project description we didn’t expect to hear today? “The Avengers of werewolf stories.” Plus new looks at Black Lightning, The Good Place, and more. Spoilers, away!


Dean DeBlois, director of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, is now attached to write and direct a Micronauts film for Paramount and Hasbro’s AllSpark Pictures. Originally a Japanese toy line distributed in the United States by Mego, Micronauts eventually received its own fondly-remembered Marvel comic book series in which a band of characters from the Microverse take arms against a mad despot named Baron Karza.



Sylvester Stallone is now attached to star in Samaritan, an original thriller from Overlord director Julius Avery in which a young boy “is out to discover if a mythic superhero, who vanished 20 years earlier following a tragic event, is still alive.”


Escape Room 2

Actor Logan Miller has confirmed to Flickering Myth both he, actress Taylor Russell, and original director Adam Robitel will return for the sequel to last January’s sleeper hit, Escape Room.

I am heading back into that room in a month. We are in pre-production on that right now. We will be diving back in and hopefully surviving yet again. For what I know, I don’t actually know much, but Taylor [Russell] and I will be coming back and we have a whole new colourful cast of characters. Adam [Robitel] is coming back to direct as well. So yeah, I think the adventure is just gonna be double the pain, I’m sure.

The Collected

Bloody-Disgusting reports Randy Havens (Mr. Clarke on Stranger Things), Tom Atkins, Dot-Marie Jones, and Navi Rawat have joined the cast of The Collected, the third film in the killer entomologist franchise now filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Suicide Squad

James Gunn shared a photo of himself on Twitter alongside his Suicide Squad cast members Flula Berg, Daniela Melchior (Ratcatcher), David Dastmalchian (The Polka-Dot Man), Jennifer Holland, Nathan Fillion, Sean Gunn and Mayling Ng (who may or may not be reprising her role as Orana from Wonder Woman).

The Vast of Night

Bloody-Disgusting has a new poster for the exciting new alien invasion film, The Vast of Night. You can check out Germain’s early review here.


Fandango also has a new poster for Joker.

Lake of Death

A group of young professionals are compelled to drown themselves in the latest trailer for Nini Bull Robsahm’s remake of the Norwegian horror semi-classic, Lake of the Dead.

Blood Vessel

The crew of a torpedoed hospital ship takes refuge aboard an abandoned German minesweeper harbouring a cargo of mummified vampires in the first trailer for Blood Vessel.

The Shed

A bullied high school student feeds his tormentors to the monster living in his backyard in a new trailer for The Shed — a vertical remake of 1981’s The Pit.


We also have the latest trailer for Nikita Argunov‘s cool-looking sci-fi thriller, Coma, which borrows its premise from a ninth season episode of The X-Files.


According to Deadline, ABC has passed on a series order for the recently completed pilot, Triangle, about a family marooned in the Bermuda Triangle alongside a supporting cast of time-displaced victims throughout history.

The Mandalorian

Speaking with ET at the Emmys, Giancarlo Esposito described his Mandalorian character as “a warden of the universe.”

I play a guy who was a warden of the universe. He was in power before the [Empire] collapsed. You don’t know if he’s good or bad … but he certainly is a guy who has order in his life. He’s an exciting guy because he has all of the equipment and spaceships at his ready.


In a recent interview with /Film, Rob Schrab described his Creepshow episode “Bad Wolf Down” as “The Avengers of werewolf stories.”

Well, I had this story brewing in my head for years, long before Creepshow. I’ve always had a love for werewolves and had a love for war action. I just wanted to mash them up. When I was working with Greg and pitching this story, I said, ‘Hey, we’ve got an opportunity here to not only pay homage to horror and war comics, but also an opportunity to pay homage to all the werewolf stories.’

Greg’s a big werewolf fan, too. I wanted to see what would happen if the Wolfman, Rob Bottin’s Howling werewolf, and Rick Baker’s American Werewolf in London, what would happen if they were all in the same story together. When our guys change, I’m just looking for that comic book splash page.

I really got excited when that was possible. I kept waiting for, as I was writing the script and putting it together, I was waiting for the call where either Shudder or Greg or whoever would say, ‘Yeah, we can’t afford it.’ But Greg just loved the idea and wouldn’t allow us to phone in the coolest part of this, which is the werewolves. So I’m totally in debt to Greg for having that enthusiasm and refusal to not do anything half-assed. It’s great.


KSiteTV has more images from “Aqualad,” this week’s episode of Titans. Click through to see the rest.


AppleTV+ has two creepy new trailers for M. Night Shyamalan’s new series starring Lauren Ambrose.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning threatens to lose his patience in a new trailer for season three.


The cast of Riverdale discuss season four in a new promo from the CW.

The Good Place

Finally, a clip from the final season of The Good Place reveals Shirley Temple killed JFK.

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