Nokia Reminds Us Dumb Phones Can Still Be Good In 2019

Nokia Reminds Us Dumb Phones Can Still Be Good In 2019

Nokia is keeping the feature phones alive with three new ones announced at IFA 2019. While owning a smartphone often feels like a requirement, feature phones (or dumbphones if we’re being crude) still serve an important role as alternatives to the pricey mini-computers in our pockets.

Editor’s Note: All of the Nokia phones announced at IFA will be coming to Australia! We’re still waiting on pricing and availability, though – Tegan.

All three phones have very affordable price tags with the most expensive featuring an average global retail price of around 110 euros ($178), and the cheapest going for as little as 15 euros ($24). Additionally, all three have been updated to work on modern 4G cell networks, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to get a signal like you would if you dug out an old feature phone from your closet.

Starting with the least expensive of the three, the Nokia 110 is as basic as it gets. It has a old-school T9 numpad, a small 3-inch screen, and some general multimedia features including a music player, a rear camera, and support for FM radio. With an expected price around 15 euro ($24), that’s OK.

That said, it can still play Snake, and unlike a lot of modern smartphones, the Nokia 110 still has a headphone jack, along with a removable battery and what should be some seriously good longevity.

Next, we have the Nokia 2720, which is easily my favourite of the bunch, mostly because it’s a good ‘ole flip phone. The 2720 has the same basic design as Motorola Razr — though it’s not quite as thin or sleek — with a simple plastic body (available in black or white).

But what the 2720 lacks in style, it makes up for on the inside, because while the 2720 and 110 both run Nokia’s Kai OS, the 2720 has a number of added software features including support for WhatsApp and Facebook. And to help make using the phone a bit easier, the 2720 supports Google Assistant voice control for typing and search. You can even use the 2720 as a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot if you want.

Finally, for those seeking out something a bit more durable, there’s the Nokia 800, which is the first rugged phone from HMD with Nokia branding. It comes with an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, along with two-metre drop protection and various military-grade 810G certifications.

Available in either a matte black or a desert camo-inspired paint job, the Tough 800 has a built-in loop so it can easily be hooked onto a belt or carabiner, and a dedicated flash embedded into its top edge. And like the 2720, the Nokia 800 also supports Whatsapp, Facebook, and the Google Assistant.

So if you’ve been avoiding smartphones since the late 2000s, or simply want a no-frills companion for your current handset, Nokia’s got options. All three phones will be available in September, though for customers in the Australia it may take a little longer for these new feature phones to become available.

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