A New Runaways Season 3 Clip Teases Big Changes For Gert And Old Lace

A New Runaways Season 3 Clip Teases Big Changes For Gert And Old Lace

Runaways is one of the only live-action shows that’s ever been bold enough to feature a CGI (but sometimes practically made) dinosaur that against all odds winds up looking pretty damned good on screen, even when it’s interacting with living actors. The creative team behind the series obviously knows that Old Lace is one of its strengths, and from the looks of things, the deinonychus is going to have even more chances to shine in the upcoming season.

Runaways’ season two finale left both the heroic teens and their villainous parents at a crossroads, as Jonah revealed his true intentions were to give his alien family a means of possessing a number of unsuspecting humans. While Gert and Dale Yorkes hadn’t been seeing eye-to-eye because of Dale’s involvement with the Pride, the two ended up having to team up and — ahem — run away from the danger together in order to survive.

In a new clip from Runaways’ upcoming third season, we see that Gert and Dale still aren’t really on good terms, but they understand that they’ll need to rely on one another if they want any chance at evading Jonah and his forces.

Though they’re in a difficult place, Dale seems to still genuinely care for Gert, both because she’s his daughter and because the connection he’s given her to Old Lace is some of the best scientific work he and his wife have ever done — work that’s led to new powers that neither he nor Gert been able to fully grasp.

Runaways season three hits Foxtel on December 26; keep an eye on Gizmodo later this week for more from our time with the cast at NYCC.