Android Users Can Finally Get In On Co-Star’s Brutally Honest Horoscopes

Android Users Can Finally Get In On Co-Star’s Brutally Honest Horoscopes

Co-Star, the very best app, is now available to download on the Google Play store. Android users, prepare to have your minds completely blown.

Co-Star is ostensibly an astrology app. You enter your birthdate and, if you know it, the time of day you were born, then the app delivers a daily horoscope with a push notification designed to grab your attention. Sometimes the notifications are beautiful (“Embrace the possibility of abundant joy”), sometimes they offer solid advice (“Avoiding your ex’s social media is always a good idea”), and sometimes they’re just really rude (“You talk about other people because you don’t have your own life”).

Co-Star became a huge deal seemingly overnight. Last year, the then-iOS-only app was downloaded more than 3 million times. Its Instagram account has more than 1 million followers. The company, which has just 11 employees, raised $US5.2 ($8) million in venture funding. More than 120,000 Android users joined a waiting list to sign up as soon as Co-Star expanded beyond the iPhone. That day is here.

Regardless of how you feel about astrology (which everyone knows is an actual science), Co-Star’s insights can feel like a free therapy session. The app’s daily horoscopes, which are algorithmically generated from human-written insights into NASA data on the location of the planets, aren’t your run-of-the-mill back-of-the-magazine predictions. They get deep: relationship problems, professional failures, and family traumas are all up for discussion in your daily chart. The app poses questions about the areas of your life in which you’re thriving or struggling, then offers up a serious recommendation or a clever quip for further pondering.

One day, the app even told me to change my hair and, to be honest, I’m still bitter about it (though I did already have a blowout on the books, so you win this one, Co-Star).

The best part about Co-Star is how shareable it is, which is why the expansion to Android is a blessing. The app has a social networking component, so you can add friends to see if your planets are aligned. It feels a little intimate, but it’s also an excellent conversation-starter. Got a crush? Exchanging Co-Star names could be a totally not awkward way to unlock each other’s deepest secrets! Struggling to communicate with a friend? Sharing a highly relevant Co-Star chart could be the key to resolving your issues.

When my horoscope feels a little too on-the-nose, I send it to my BFF (a fellow Leo) so we can commiserate. Now I plan to convince my Android pals to sign up so we can all analyse ourselves together, just as the universe intended.

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