In This Doctor Who Exclusive, One Of The 9th Doctor’s Earliest Mysteries Is Investigated

In This Doctor Who Exclusive, One Of The 9th Doctor’s Earliest Mysteries Is Investigated

Way back in the Big Finish story hopes to tell the tale behind one of those pictures.

io9 can exclusively reveal the first look at Her Own Bootstraps, one of four new short audio stories debuting in the next wave of Big Finish’s Doctor Who: Short Trips line. Written by Amy Veeres, and performed by Jacob Dudman (who’s voiced several of the modern incarnations of the Doctor before for Big Finish), the story takes listeners back to 1883 on the eve of Krakatoa’s violent eruption in the Sundra Straits, with the Ninth Doctor there to destroy a lethal weapon he liberated from a renegade Time Lord scientist during the Time War.

Slight problem for the Doctor, however, beyond the impending volcanic explosions: said renegade Time Lord is also there because she acquired the weapon in the first place by stealing it from the Doctor. Trapped in a paradox, the Doctor finds himself having to try and change a future he knows has already happened.

Her Own Bootstraps will be joined by three more adventures rounding out the tenth series of Short Trips monthly releases this year”one more set in the modern world of Doctor Who, and two starring classic companions, Liz Shaw and Peri. The Meaning of Red, written by Rod Brown and performed by Peri herself, Nicola Bryant, will see Peri accidentally stranded on an alien world, forced to work with the colonists there and fend for herself when the Doctor seemingly fails to return for her.

Blue Boxes meanwhile, written by Erin Horakova, and performed by Mark Reynolds, sees the Third Doctor and Liz investigate a series of prank calls being called in at UNIT, only to reveal a sinister killer stalking phone-line hackers. Rounding out the series this year is the Tenth Doctor adventure The Shattered Hourglass. Written by Robert Napton and performed by Neve McIntosh (best known to Who fans for playing Silurian Victorian investigator Madame Vastra during Matt Smith’s tenure in the TARDIS), Shattered Hourglass sees the Doctor lock horns with the Time Agency once and for all, as he attempts to shut the organisation down before it can erase an entire galaxy from the timeline.

Her Own Bootstraps, The Meaning of Red, Blue Boxes, and The Shattered Hourglass will begin releasing monthly starting in September for £2.99 ($5.74) each. If you want to preorder or pick up the entire yearly series as a digital download for £30 (around $60), you can check out the Big Finish website.

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