Lady Gaga’s New ‘Stupid Love’ Music Video Is An Apocalyptic Sentai Dance Party

Lady Gaga’s New ‘Stupid Love’ Music Video Is An Apocalyptic Sentai Dance Party

In the buildup to Lady Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album, the singer’s dropped new single “Stupid Love” and an accompanying music video that exists at the intersection of Power Rangers, of all things.

Set in what could be a dystopian future and/or a distant galaxy populated by various species of colour-coordinated humanoids, the “Stupid Love” music video’s story is fairly straightforward. As the planet continues to decay, different factions of survivors war with each other to control what’s left of society. The Kindness punks, the video’s opening scene establishes, want only to “fight for Chromatica,”Â and while it’s never exactly explained what Chromatica is, the implication is that it has something to do with the focus of the song’s chorus: love.

The video itself’s features Gaga”as the leader of the Kindness punks”taking on the dying world’s other tribes and insisting that they love one another, and while the whole ordeal is very on-brand for Gaga, it also veers into straight-up Power Rangers mega-crossover territory once everyone gets on board with the idea of dance-fighting their differences out.

There’s no word on exactly when the new album’s set to debut, but from the look and sounds of things, the wait shouldn’t be too long.

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