Samsung’s Missing Galaxy Home Story Just Got Weirder

Samsung’s Missing Galaxy Home Story Just Got Weirder

It’s been a weird ride for Samsung’s yet-to-be-released Galaxy Home – the smart speaker that boasted killer ‘soundsteer’ surround sound.

Thanks to a now-deleted announcement regarding the ‘Mini’ version, things have gotten more strange.

On Tuesday a press release on Samsung’s South Korean website announced the Galaxy Home Mini would be released on February 12 for 99,00 KRW, which is roughly $124. According to Android Police, the speaker would also go on pre-order before then.

Oddly, the announcement was later deleted from the website, so we’re not sure if the Mini will actually be dropping next week or not.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.png” title=”Samsung Confirms Galaxy Home Mini, Original Version Still ¯_(ツ)_/¯” excerpt=”It’s been over a year since the Samsung Galaxy Home was unveiled at Unpacked 2018. Originally announced for an April 2019 release, it has been continuously pushed out and nobody is really sure if and when it will actually appear. The question mark above the smart speaker has been strengthened by rumours that a smaller version of the truly massive device was in the works. And now it’s been confirmed.”]

This is just the latest in a long line of weird occurrences regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Home since it was first unveiled at Unpacked in August 2018. It was a huge device and resulted in some comical feedback regarding its size and resemblance to a weber BBQ.

After being subsequently shown off at CES 2019 (it was missing at IFA 2018 and 2019), it went into delay hell. Originally pegged for an April 2019 release, it was then pushed back to September… and never really heard from again.

What we did start hearing whispers of was a mini version of the smart speaker, which made a lot of sense. It was reported to be the same as the original Home, including AKG sound, surround sound and Bixby – but in a smaller and more convenient package.

And it looked like it was really going to happen this time. A beta program for the Mini ran between August 29 and September 1 2019, which enabled approved applicants to be sent a device for testing.

The Galaxy Home Mini was then shown off at Samsung’s Developer Conference in October, but we hadn’t heard much since then.

And that brings us to the latest news – the mystery of the deleted release announcement. Gizmodo Australia has reached out to Samsung to find out why the press release was removed, and whether the Galaxy Home Mini will actually be released this month.

Until then, we will continue to marvel at the truly weird tale of the Galaxy Home. Will either version ever see the light of day… or are they destined to become vapourware?

Considering the now-deleted announcement date is a day after Unpacked 2020… maybe we’re hear more about it then?

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