Detailing An Aston Martin DB4 Verges On ASMR

Detailing An Aston Martin DB4 Verges On ASMR

Feeling stressed? Pushed to your limit? Maybe a little hungover? Yeah, me too. And if you’re also like me, you’re turning to anything to help sooth nerves more jangled than a wind chime left out in a hurricane. Two of the most relaxing videos to binge are car detailing and ASMR videos and this one of an Aston Martin being meticulously scrubbed is a glorious combo of the two. It may be the only cure a frazzled and isolated car lover needs.

Do yourself a favour and check out the above video from the YouTube channel Automotive Aesthetic. What a symphony of sound! And look at that meticulous level of detailing.

He spends four minutes on cuts and different angles of wheel washing alone. It enough to make anyone want to go down to the garage and quietly scrub down the car. (And if you need advice on how to do that, check out some of our comprehensive car cleaning articles here.)

It’s worth watching the video just to take in the curves of the body on the DB4. These cars were done in the patented Superleggera style by Touring of Milan, with the body stretched over a delicate tube frame chassis. I would not want to have to repair any of those panels, but I do love seeing soap and water run down them.

I didn’t always dig the ASMR craze. It took James May unboxing a Toyota Yaris GRMN for me to finally get on the ASMR bandwagon, and now, here’s a video that may top even those deliciously cardboard-on-polystyrene echoing notes. Car cleaning videos, especially of such glorious beauties as the DB4, have always been a favourite on mine, which makes this video a pas-de-deux of delights. Not only does it sound good, it looks amazing as well.

via Road & Track

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