The ‘Toyota Supra Dynasty’ Started With This Intensely ’80s Half-Animated Ad

The ‘Toyota Supra Dynasty’ Started With This Intensely ’80s Half-Animated Ad

One of the worst things about being born as a late Millennial having missed out on the insane shit that was the ’80s ad scene. And no industry went more ham than automotive. Toyota, when it needed to sell the world on the new Supra (this time not “Celica Supra,”) got down to business.

In the early ’80s, the OH WHAT A FEELING campaigns explained how dependable Toyotas were.

As time went on, the catchphrase had changed to Who Could Ask For Anything More. Suddenly it’s 1986, and everything is getting serious. The MK3 Supra is part of the brave new world of Blade Runner, Metroid, and synthpop. What better way to launch a new car than with a ridiculously over the top advertisement that promises a Super Cockpit, Where You Perform?

It’s easy to forget what we used to take as luxurious enhancements in automotive technology. This ad screams from the rooftops that this MK3 has a two hundred horsepower engine, and boasts double-wishbone suspension, which apparently makes it safe to catch four-wheeled air in a targa car with the rigidity of sopping wet fettuccine. Yes, it did end up becoming a rally car later into the production run, but even Motorweek dinged the open roof as causing noticeable body flex in its 1986 review, so I’m standing by that statement.

We haven’t even delved into the video style on this yet, though. Toyota must have had an advertising C-level that really loved a-ha and decided that yes, the Take On Me music video is the ideal way to sell a luxury sports grand tourer. Whether this was a genuinely bold choice for the era, or simply me not quite fully grasping the era it was produced in, I still absolutely love watching it now.

Enjoy the full ad below, and in the era of the MKV, relive the start of the Supra Dynasty.

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