This Custom Retro Chevy Camper Is The Most Brown

This Custom Retro Chevy Camper Is The Most Brown

We know we have a (justly earned) reputation for being brown manual wagon stans. But we’re so much more than that. We love brown vans, campers, supercars, coupes, trucks… anything! As our departed colleague Davey G. Johnson was keen to note, brown is the spice of life, and this former SEMA beauty queen for sale in Grand Rapids, Michigan, might just be the spiciest such vehicle ever featured on this humble rag.

Check out the glorious layer cake of burnt sienna, coppers, gold and chocolate stripes on this custom-built 1983 Chevy C30 Camper. No wonder River City Rods, the shop that created this retro masterpiece for the 2019 SEMA show, dubbed its creation “Brown Sugar.” This camper made it to SEMA’s top 40 Battle Of The Builders and was featured in several industry mags.

But this camper isn’t just a pretty face. Sugar here comes with a 5.3-litre V8 with an automatic transmission with a whole 80 miles on the odometer. It also comes with an airbag suspension, so you can be the dopest daddy at the campgrounds. There are a ton of upgrades to the suspension as well. My guess is this thing drives a little cushier than your standard early ‘80s Chevy.

What do we find on the inside of this brownest of brown vehicles? If you guessed “more brown in the form of a custom plaid cockpit,” then go grab yourself a gold star, you good noodle.

And it’s for sale, y’all. Sure, right now the bid sits at $US100,099 ($169,213), which is a little pricey. And yes, maybe this isn’t a great time to be buying a low-rider camper, but can you think of any vehicle you’d rather be quarantined in? Think of this less as a big, brown Radwood wet dream and more your gateway into a whole new way of life. A mobile one, cause let’s face it, this camper interior is probably 10 times nicer than your current non-wheeled home.

Running water, a real toilet, and a cute vintage Coca-Cola fridge. Aww yeah. I know where I want to spend the rest of this quarantine: far, far away from everyone else, parked somewhere beautiful and remote in this bitchin’ brown camper.

h/t Road And Track

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