Car And Truck Waffle Maker Is Like Eating Hot Wheels Vehicles For Breakfast

Car And Truck Waffle Maker Is Like Eating Hot Wheels Vehicles For Breakfast

It doesn’t take much to convince anyone to eat a waffle; one of the few meals you can soak in syrup without feeling guilty. But that hasn’t stalled waffle maker innovation. Once you’ve constructed a waffle house from edible building blocks, you can now fill its driveway with edible waffle cars and trucks.

The design of kitchens has evolved over the years to incorporate new cooking innovations; you won’t find a new build or even a reno without a dedicated microwave nook, for example. But it’s time to start thinking about incorporating an extra pantry dedicated to just novelty waffle makers. Like us, you’ve probably been wooed by waffle makers that can create everything from keyboard shaped waffles to edible Baby Yodas, and are running out of space to store your impulse purchases. The problem is about to get worse before it gets better, however, because who in their right mind would pass up edible toy cars?

For $US40 ($61) this machine is a prime example of a countertop-clogging unitasker, but if you just can’t resist the allure of driving a convoy of sedans, sports cars, pickups, and delivery trucks down your throat (good luck getting that image out of your head) this non-stick machine will turn your kitchen into a production line even Henry Ford would be envious of.

However, be prepared for some extra trial and error with this machine. Making breakfast on a regular waffle maker is challenging enough, but this one appears to have especially deep molds that could make removing each vehicle without tearing the waffle a chore. Like a mechanic with a can of WD-40, you’ll probably want to be generous with a can of cooking spray ahead of time, lest you be left with a car that looks like it was rescued from the kitchen junkyard.

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